5 of Shelley Ferguson’s favourite bathroom trends for 2018

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Bathroom design in 2018 is all about you! Mico Bathrooms has teamed up with Shelley Ferguson to show us how to create a space that’s both hardworking and beautiful – and most importantly, makes it easy to relax in

5 of Shelley Ferguson’s favourite bathroom trends for 2018

Bye bye, boring bathrooms! It may be one of the busiest, hardworking rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom needs to look dull. Take this once utilitarian room from drab to fab with one of 2018’s bathroom trends.

1. Urban retreat

Love the thought of a day spa, but don’t have the time or money? Create your own bathroom retreat at home (complete with a kid-proof lock on the door). Floor to ceiling travertine, marble or stone-look tiles provide a high-end yet practical base palette. A floor-to-ceiling glass, tiled or open shower teamed with a waterfall showerhead equals the ultimate you-time. Soak it up in a curved freestanding bath, complemented with a timber vanity with a crafted vessel basin on top. Complete this eco-luxe look with bespoke lotions, plush towels and a large potted plant.

TIP Ambience is key to this look. Achieve this with dimmers on task and ambient lighting, and candles for atmosphere. Utilise dreamy natural light if you can.

2. Small space, big wow

Land and house prices are at a premium, so smaller spaces are becoming the norm for many. Little bathrooms need love too, so rise to the design challenge and have some fun! Statement floor tiles add impact, while large format tiles stretch wall space. Streamlined cabinetry and multi-tasking wall-hung vanities in simple materials make clever use of compact spaces. Creative storage such as knobs, baskets, wall shelves and hooks utilise vertical space, and mastering the little details is a must so choose standout fixtures and luxe accessories.

TIP Art is a beautiful and affordable addition to a bathroom that doesn’t use up floor space.

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3. Old-world glamour

Take inspiration from Hollywood glamour and treat yourself to a modern take on a movie-star style bathroom. Think white marble, deco-style tiles, a deep luxurious bath, a large beveled mirror and gold or brass fittings and tapware.  Don’t go too frou-frou – think modern key pieces teamed with old world details. Bathroom expert, Mico have a gorgeous range of statement tapware and fixtures that are perfect for adding a touch of glamour without seeming over the top. If you have space, create a dedicated makeup vanity or dresser complete with a statement stool – you won’t want to leave the room.

TIP Consider statement lighting in your bathroom. A deco-style chandelier and gold-detailed wall sconces would take this look to the next level.

4. Nordic & nice

A chalky paint hue such as grey, pale pink, sage green, pastel blue teamed with soft white creates a fresh, calming, modern look – think Pantone colours Rose Quartz and Serenity. This look features lots of clean lines softened with curved pieces such as a bath and statement round mirror. Teamed with white bathroomware, silver tapware, pale wood cabinetry and shelving, this look nails both form and function. Mico allow you to filter products on their website and in their interactive bathroom planner by colour – so it’s really easy to find pieces to suit your colour scheme.

TIP If you’re not crazy about colour, this look also translates well in black and white.

5. Natural chic

Rather than hard lines and glossy surfaces, in 2018 we’re seeking textural artisan products that make us want to reach out and touch them. If you fancy a bohemian, barefoot lifestyle, this look is for you! Hand-painted statement tiles, timber vanities, woven pendants and curved tapware in rich metals evoke a sense of craftsmanship and authenticity. Earthy colour – especially dusty blues, soft greens and terracotta tones – add depth to draw you in. Layer pattern and texture through woven storage baskets and bespoke accessories.

TIP Choose a statement tile first, and build a look around that single inspiration point. Try to keep the look sympathetic to your home’s interior and colour palette.

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