How to sell your home in winter

Article by Homes to Love

There may not be the frenzy to buy or sell in winter as there is in spring or summer, but homes sell all-year-round. Here are some tips on how to make your home worthy to buy during the cold snap

1. Make sure your home has plenty of natural light

If natural light isn’t flooding into your home on open days or when potential buyers view the house, ensure all of your lamps and lights are on. It’ll give your home a lift and make it feel bright, spacious and appealing.

2. Get the temperature right

Before the open home and prior to visits from potential buyers, ensure your home is warm. There is nothing inviting about a cold home. Be certain the warm temperature applies to every room in the house, not just the living area.

3. Keep your home nice and dry

Dampness and mould will be noticed straight away by potential buyers in winter. Sort out any issues before buyers start viewing. Ensure you have good ventilation and install an HRV system if you’re happy to invest in it before you sell, it’ll dry out your home and remove any condensation.

4. Make sure it’s clean on the outside

Get out the water blaster and clean your home’s exterior, paths and driveway. These can develop green slime and dirt in winter. Be watchful, once removed it can return quickly. Inside, remove any marks on your walls and wipe off fly excrement from your ceiling and light shades. Wash any mouldy curtains and wipe down mould on walls.

5. Embrace the season

Before people come to view your property, light your fire, set the table and celebrate all the wonderful things about being in the comfort of your own home. People will warm to your home if it feels welcoming.

6. Pick the right time

You don’t want open homes and viewings to take place near the end of the day when the sun is disappearing. Ensure they take place when the sun is shining the strongest, bringing out the best in your property.

7. Make a good first impression with street appeal

Avoid any trees or shrubs becoming overgrown. Cut them back to ensure good presentation of your home and garden. Have the hedges trimmed, pull out any weeds, fix the letterbox if it is broken, prune and deadhead plants, touch up any bits of paint on the outside of the house. Indoors, fill vases with fresh flowers for some colourful cheer.

8. Appeal to the senses

Ask yourself how the home feels – warm? Cosy? How does it smell? Light a beautiful candle and let the subtle scent waft through the home. Ensure you have beautiful cushions on your couch and soft blankets on chairs to give the feeling of comfort. First impressions count. Lay down soft rugs on timber or tiled floors for added softness.

9. Create a welcoming entrance

Stand out on your street and have a look at the entranceway to your property. Is it tidy and inviting? Buy some beautiful camellias to grace your entrance or pathway, ensure your berm is mowed properly and paint/fix your letterbox if it needs it.


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