These are the top Halloween decorating trends according to Pinterest

Article by Homes to Love

Looking for some spooky inspiration for this year’s Halloween decorations? Pinterest released what’s trending this scary season, and it’s not actually as scary as you might think

Forget haunted houses and the notorious black and orange colour combo. This year Halloween decorations are millennial chic and a little bit strange. Here are the four top Halloween decorating trends according to Pinterest:

1. Stranger Things: 

We’re three seasons deep, but it’s still season one that’s providing all the spooky party decoration inspiration. Yes, we’re talking about Joyce’s alphabet lined and fairy light adorned walls.


If you don’t feel like painting the alphabet directly onto your walls (who does?), use pieces of paper, or an old sheet. Then, all you need to do is string up some colourful lights in between the lines of the alphabet, and more fairy lights around the rest of the room (the more the better). A frilly lampshade and old fabric couch finish the look off.


Extra points go to those who add in an ‘upside-down’ area in the house (torn black plastic bags will do the trick) and stick up ‘Missing Barb’ posters.

Boho Halloween: 

For those who want to do ‘spooky’, but also make it fashion.


The Boho-Halloween look requires a little bit of work to set up. You’ll be working with a colour palette of saturated pastels paired with edgy black and crisp white. Make sure you have a few large dream catchers (to use as chic spider webs) and mini pumpkins and gourds to paint gold, black and your pastel colour of choice.


A Boho-Halloween look wouldn’t be complete without some sort of floral arrangement or an Instagrammable grazing platter (made spooky with the addition of a skeletal hand).

Pink Halloween:

Forget the classic colour combination of orange and black. This year Pinterest predicts pink and black will be the colour combo of choice.


So, paint your pumpkins pink, stock up on pink balloons and check out these Pinterest posts for inspiration.

Pastel Halloween:

Lilac is trending, and millennial pink has been popular for a while, so it makes sense these colours have made their way into the scary season. Similar to the boho-Halloween look, pastel Halloween decorating is a cute alternative to the bloody, cob-webbed and creepy decor we’ve come to expect.


This theme is a great opportunity to let your inner artist emerge; paint pumpkins in pretty colours and patterns, experiment with floral arrangements and don’t hold back on the pastel-coloured tassel-garlands.


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