Top five interior trends for winter

All the latest looks and styles to perfect the art of hunkering down during the winter season

Statement shades
As the days grow darker, a few lamps will add warmth and light to the cosy nooks of your home. It’s only right that these interior essentials get a chance to shine with fabulous and bold lampshades. The perfect shade will soften the white light glare and become a talking piece, all in one go.

Open shelving
Although you might feel the urge to hibernate with the colder weather, don’t shut up shop when it comes to your kitchen. Open shelving allows you to showcase all your favourite culinary treasures, from beautiful jars of preserves to sprigs of dried herbs that will carry you through the winter season. Add some pottery, a cookbook and a plant or two for that extra homely feeling.

Vintage mixing
Pair thrift shop finds with contemporary prints for a gallery wall that’s sure to inspire. Vintage frames and watercolours work perfectly alongside sleek, bold shapes to create the look of a miniature museum, all from the comfort of home.

A world of wallpaper
Expand your feature wall into a four-wall masterpiece. We love how a fully wallpapered room transforms a space into a timeless salon. Just because it’s gloomy outside doesn’t mean your walls have to be.

Piped furnishings
A line of piping adds a luxe finish to cushions, blankets, pillowcases and duvets. A nostalgic touch with a warm edge, this trend is spot-on for winter. Soft and cosy linens framed with
a black border will suit any snug sanctuary. Cultiver linen set, $535, from Father Rabbit.

Words by: Caroline Moratti.

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