This is why it’s better to choose a Registered Master Builder

You’ve heard that you should choose a Registered Master Builder when building a new home or doing a major renovation, but do you know what it means to be a Registered Master Builder and what they can offer?

This is why it’s better to choose a Registered Master Builder

Registered Master Builders have been building our homes and workplaces in our country for over 100 years – beautiful, quality homes and buildings that last. Put simply, they represent the best of the industry, so it makes sense to choose a Registered Master Builder. They understand that building or renovating your home can be an overwhelming task and work with you throughout the building process to ensure you achieve the home of your dreams.

Quality assured

Registered Master Builders have to meet certain quality criteria, including building experience, trade and professional qualifications, and on-site management experience. The assessment criteria also includes workmanship and your builder’s previous clients would have been contacted to ensure the work is of a high standard and has met their expectations.

Being a Registered Master Builder also carries financial responsibility, written references have been provided from their bank, accountant and building material suppliers to make sure you are in safe hands.

Only a Registered Master Builder can offer you peace of mind with a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee on residential work.

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