How to wash linen sheets

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With the trend for linen bedding ever-growing, Homes to Love NZ looks at how to care for linen bedding for years and years of wear

Styling by Sam Smith and Catherine Wilkinson. Photo by Wendy Fenwick.

Styling by Sam Smith and Catherine Wilkinson. Photo by Wendy Fenwick.


How to wash and care for linen bedding

-It’s a good idea to spot clean any marks or stains on the linen before it goes into the washing machine. Use bar soap for this task – wet the area, apply soap in gentle circular motions, or with a light brush.

-Turn duvets and pillowcases inside out before washing, and fasten buttons or ties.

-Wash linen on its own, rather than with other clothing or items that may have zips or buttons that might catch on the fabric.

-Use a mild, gentle or natural washing detergent.  Avoid any washing detergents that contain bleach.

-Use a gentle machine cycle.

-If hand washing, use warm or cold soapy water and ensure the linen is rinsed well. Rinsing well avoids and spots or watermarks appearing when linen is dry.

-Avoid fabric softeners, as these break down the natural fibers.

-Wash linen in warm or cold water rather than hot.

Tips for drying linen

-Line drying linen is preferable as it maintains the natural, lived-in look of the linen.

-It’s also possible to use a dryer on a low heat – high heats will damage the natural fibers. Remove the linen from the dryer when slightly damp and allow to completely dry naturally.

-If linen is white, drying in the sun will help maintain its brightness.

-If ironing linen sheets, do so when the linen is still slightly damp and have the iron on a low heat.


Why we love linen

Linen is made from flax fibers and is highly breathable, meaning it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s also durable, hypo allergenic (so it’s great for people with sensitive skin), environmentally friendly and best of all, it has a lovely textural quality. When cared for correctly, it should get softer with every wash.

Feature image and pink linen image courtesy of: Jamie Kay.

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