The paint expert: Colour report

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Get inspired by the latest colour and finishing trends to transform your workspace from drab to fab this summer.


Colour is the finishing touch to any living space according to Resene paint expert Greer Clayton, who says paint allows us to be bold and have fun with colour. She talks us through the latest colour trends and interesting ways to reinvigorate your working space this summer with some beautiful paint combinations and fresh-looking effects.

What’s hot with colour?
Trends have come around to perennial favourites. Deep blue-reds (Resene Pohutukawa and Resene Poppy), black (Resene All Black), grey-black (Resene Half Bokara Grey), duck egg blue (Resene Duck Egg Blue) and bold pops of orange (Resene Daredevil) and yellow (Resene Teddy) add a touch of upbeat liveliness to any space.



New Resene shades include smoky, dusty tones (Resene High Tea and Resene Mesmerise) that look like they have been gently weathered and softened, resulting in sophisticated yet timeless hues that are easy to live with every day. Strong reds and pinks are accentuated with underlying blues. Greens are light and airy (Resene Reservoir) with a nod to nature and green and blue-based greys (Resene Revolution) are some of the most notable trends this summer.

Where can you apply paint effects?
Where previously walls have been the limit for fun prints and bright tints, colour-blocking and stencilling are becoming more popular not only on walls, but also on ceilings and floors. Natural surfaces are also on trend, but rather than covering the organic beauty of raw material, woods and concrete are being coated with clear finishes to protect and enhance their interesting surfaces.

How did you become a paint effect expert?
Commercial painting jobs in between art school meant I always had a brush in hand. Later on, while I was working as a colourist in Sydney, I concentrated specifically on hand-finished paint effects and custom colour-matching.

How do today’s paint techniques differ from the sponging and rag rolling techniques of the eighties?
The eighties were all about experimenting with colour and texture. Today we modernise this decorative approach with a more edgy application, for example, blending washes to graduate colour, stencilling tone-on-tone for subtle layering and using pattern as art on walls.

How much is considered too much in one space?
I’m a fan of the feature wall as you can play with paint effects without committing to the whole room. Use a full wall if possible for maximum impact, for example, behind the bed to act like a headboard. If using a bold colour try to pick it up somewhere else to connect the spaces.

What finishes and effects are exciting you right now?
I’m using earthy, metallic paints for stencilled walls and floors and textured coatings at the moment for a natural, organic feel.


What colours are on trend this summer?
Be inspired by seasonal summer flowers; use them as your colour cues to freshen things up. You can’t go past fresh green (Resene Kakapo), fresh orange (Resene Juicy) and white (Resene Quarter Alabaster). If you want to stick to one shade, graduate the colour throughout according to the light in your space. If the room is dark try quarter strength, if it’s lighter, go full strength.

What would be your advice for someone who wants to embrace colour?
Don’t be afraid to experiment with paint, it’s a cost-effective and creative way to instantly spruce things up. Pick a wall and embrace some colour. You can change it regularly to keep things in your home and office looking interesting.

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