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3 smart ways every busy person can make their mornings easier

Article by Homes to Love

Start your day feeling calm and comfortable with the help of these smart home appliances

The demands of a busy life can sometimes feel like we’re on an endless treadmill. But if you set the tone of your morning you’ll find you’re ready to face the rest of your day more calmly and efficiently. The latest Smart living offerings in temperature, light and audio are your answer to streamlining your day – the bonus is they’re so simple to use. Here’s our ultimate guide for a smarter, effortless morning routine.

1. Temperature

There’s nothing worse than tossing the covers off your cosy bed and being hit by a wall of cold. Beat the chill factor and make your mornings more comfortable by heating rooms before you get up. A TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug lets you control the heating from your phone by pre-programming before you go to sleep. Bliss!

And you’ll never have another one of those frustrating “Did I turn that off” moments on your way to work again —you can switch off appliances, like hair straighteners and irons, remotely. Or take charge and tell your heating what to do with a Sensibo Wi-Fi heat Pump Controller. It’s so simple to use and a great way to economise too.

2. Light

Nature got it right – sunrise is a gradual awakening not a sudden glare. Ease yourself awake by creating some ambient light in areas such as hallways and stairs so you can navigate your way around the house in a soft, suffused light. You’ll feel calmer and your body will start to wind up slowly, setting a relaxed tone rather than a hectic pace from the start. Try highlighting features with Philips Hue Light Strips as a simple way to capture a soothing mood. Or create some gentle effects with Philips Hue Starter Kit — the white and coloured ambience bulbs are a fun way to match lighting to the pace of your day.

3. Audio

It’s important to make the time to sit down, relax and enjoy some time for yourself. Play some of your favourite music to set the vibe for the day just by telling Alexa what to play with the Amazon Echo Dot. You can also ask for the weather so you’re never caught without a brolly. Or, sort out the kids without having to raise your voice — you can hurry them up by making announcements in any room that has an Amazon Echo Speaker. Get Smart and make the start of your day a breeze.


Start your day right by de-cluttering the night before. Give the kitchen and living area a quick once over before bed so that it’s a pleasant place to be when you get up. Check your diary and make sure you have everything you’ll need ready to go. Sort what you’re going to wear so there are no last-minute dramas. And get the kids to get their sports gear and school stuff ready so you can all start the day on a bright note.

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