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5 reasons you need an air conditioner that aren’t just about temperature

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Tony Ward from Haier outlines five ways air conditioning makes life easy – and so much more pleasant all year round

Tony Ward from Haier outlines five ways air conditioning makes life easy – and so much more pleasant.

1. It’ll save you money

A properly installed ducted aircon system that’s the right size for your home will be more energy efficient than trying to heat the entire house from a heater in one or two rooms. “It doesn’t have to work so hard,” says Tony, “which means it uses less energy, so your power bill will be less.” If you have a smaller budget, if you’re heating a smaller space, or if you have an open-plan layout, a wall-mounted air conditioning unit is a practical and affordable option. Your supplier will be able to advise you where to install it for maximum efficiency.

2. It’s good for you

The number one reason for choosing air conditioning over other heating options is that you and your home will be healthier. “It keeps the air dry and prevents your house from getting damp,” says Tony. By using the heat function in winter and the cool function in summer, you can keep your home at a constant temperature of 18˚C, which is the World Health Organisation standard for a healthy home, to prevent asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Or use the dry function to help remove the moisture out of the area.

3. It’s quiet

A modern Haier air conditioning system is practically silent. “If they’re designed and installed properly there should be very little noise inside the room,” says Tony.

4. It’s clever

Haier’s new smart appliances can be operated remotely from outside the home. The new Flexis R32 series provides high energy efficiency and is perfect for a reno. It has Wi-Fi connectivity built in, allowing you to turn it on from your phone when you’re out, to heat or cool the house ready for when you walk in the door. Also its 3D sensing technology monitors a room’s conditions and adjusts automatically for extra comfort.

5. It looks great

A modern slim-line wall-mounted air conditioner can easily and affordably be retrofitted into an older home during a renovation or room refurbishment. If you’re building a new home and want a sleek, architectural look, talk to your builder or architect about installing a Haier ducted aircon system in the ceiling cavity. With only discreet round outlets visible in the ceiling, it’s almost invisible. “It’s a small investment if you take the whole cost of a house build,” says Tony. “You’re building a brand new house, so you want it to work for you.”

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