What are the pros, cons and cost of living in a townhouse?

 With high density living on the rise, living in townhouses are quickly becoming the norm. Here are the pros, cons and costs you should consider before moving intownhouse

What are the pros, cons and cost of living in a townhouse?

High-density housing is increasing in New Zealand cities to cater for our growing population. Townhouses are also known as terraced homes, and are usually attached to other houses in a row.

Many apartment complexes are now including townhouses to give options to those who want a bit more space and freedom. Stonefields in Auckland, a Fletcher Building development, is a good example, combining apartments, townhouses and a community hub. Shannon Huse Caldwell, external communications manager at Fletcher Building, says many of the company’s developments are now incorporating “more public shared space and more facilities such as parks, cafes and playgrounds”.


  • More space and tend to have multiple levels
  • Community feeling
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Consent process is managed for you
  • Parking and services often managed for you.


  • Proximity to neighbours
  • There may be body corporate fees and restrictions
  • Not much design freedom.


Prices vary hugely according to location etc. Fletcher Building is currently selling terraced homes (three-plus bedrooms) in multiple Auckland developments from $820K to $1.5M, and in Christchurch from $499K (three-bed).


Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Emma MacDonald and Fiona Ralph.

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