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Think light coloured carpet is too risky? This expert has found the solution

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Carpet Court brand ambassador Jane Carolan reveals why she’s fallen in love with the brand’s new Rhode Island Rhino Carpet – and why you will too

Think light coloured carpet is too risky? This expert has found the solution

With the arrival of summer and the brightening of our general mood we often feel we want to lighten our surroundings. The Scandi trend featuring light blonde and whitewashed flooring options remains a popular choice in interiors. However, trying to find a carpet that can continue this lightened wood theme has been near impossible and, without stain resistant properties, is only really viable if you live an immaculate life.

Wanting what we can’t have is frustrating and I have often thought this about wool vs synthetic carpet: if only I could have all the amazing properties synthetic offers but with a more natural look and feel.

Thankfully the latest version of Rhino carpet – Rhode Island, has solved my dilemma. Its exclusive yarn system has replicated the wool-effect so you can take consistent light floor throughout your home without having to suffer the consequences of it.

Visitors can forget to take their shoes off (or you can forget to tell them), the dog can sneak past you and track unforgiving prints through the house and yes… red wine will no longer be banned from your parties.

The durability and softness in this carpet are from the synthetic components along with its low sheen giving it a natural look and feel which really does make it feel like wool.

Aside from all this goodness the colour range is extremely well thought out. A tight collection of warm soft taupes to cooler greys and a smattering of accent colours that could work well as carpet squares or provide a pop in a dressing room or study covers all fields and offers on point solutions that work well with a range of wood flooring.

These lighter colours have been incorporated into this new collection and I can’t wait to try it so I can enjoy summer and enjoy hassle-free flooring.

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Words by: Jane Carolan. Photography by: Carpet Court, Helen Bankers.

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