Clutter Free Feb

How to reorganise your laundry for Clutter-Free Feb

After decluttering your laundry room it’s time to get organised. Natalie Jane of Be Organised provides some easy tips to help you add style to this utilitarian space

This area is all about functionality, so take some time to look around your laundry. Think about where it would make sense for items to live. After you have decluttered the laundry, group like items in the same drawers or on the same shelves, and high-use items in an easy-to-reach spot. Crates are perfect in a laundry to contain items and stop spillages; label the front for fast access. Glass jars are great for storing washing powder, pegs, miscellaneous items and lost socks.

If you lack storage such as shelves and cubes, you may need to invest in some. Go vertical – this often unused space is perfect for a drying rack or hanging rod to dry your clothes, if you have enough height. The back of the door is another area you can use for a drying rack or an over-the-door ironing-board holder, and a space-saving fold-away table is useful for sorting washing.

Now review your washing-basket situation. You need 2-3: for whites, coloureds, hand washing and/or soiled clothes (eg kids’ sports gear). Reuse or upcycle any storage you already have that may work, and make a list as you go of any storage you need to purchase.

Top tips

  • Create practical and functional homes for your items.
  • Contain items where possible.
  • Create storage where necessary.
  • Have a number of labelled baskets in your laundry to divide items.
  • Review and declutter every 2 months.

Words by: Natalie Jane from Be Organised

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