How to transform your home with timber-look flooring

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It’s easy to add style and character to your home with these stunning timber-look flooring options. Get inspired by our handy guide and transform your interior

How to transform your home with timber-look flooring

When it comes to interior decisions, flooring is one of the most important choices you’ll make. The right flooring will act as a base for your interior style and will influence your overall décor scheme. The natural look of wood is a timeless choice for flooring but timber isn’t always the most practical or budget-friendly option.

Timber-look flooring has come a long way over the past few decades, from bamboo boards and timber laminates to hard-wearing vinyl products that replicate the look of wood, the alternatives available today are impressive. These durable and affordable options make it easy to bring the style and character of wood to your home – without the price tag.

Timber-look options

We love the low-maintenance yet luxury-feel of bamboo flooring. As one of the most hard-wearing flooring products on the market, bamboo is perfect for high traffic areas like your kitchen and living areas. The best bit about bamboo is how fast it grows. Its ability to regenerate quickly means bamboo is a sustainable choice – which gets a big eco tick from us!

Thanks to their easy-to-install, interlocking boards and wide range of colours, laminate floors are a popular faux-timber choice. Laminate’s stain resistant and fade proof properties help to protect it from New Zealand’s harsh sunlight, making it a great flooring option for your kitchen and living area. PlaceMakers has an exciting range of premium Woodland Lifestyle laminate available in the latest colour choices. The natural grain look running through the boards also gives them a realistic feel.

Leading the market in versatile flooring for your home is Strata – a 100% waterproof product. It’s strength and stability ensure it is fit for every room in the house. With its modern look and textural feel, Strata will give you a convincing hardwood finish without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s great for busy households and because it’s waterproof it’s ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries where moisture and spillages are frequent. The versatile planks from PlaceMakers have been designed as an interlocking floating floor which means they’re really simple to install and thanks to their superior wear resistance Strata is a low-maintenance choice. Talk to a PlaceMakers flooring expert to see what the best option for your home is.


With such an array of colours and finishes available, you can get really specific with the look you want to achieve with timber-look products. Start by thinking about the style of your home and the mood you want to create. Honey tones from light blond to warm chestnut are a timeless choice and will add character to a space, which is perfect for a heritage home. If you’re looking to add a contemporary feel to your home, darker woods and greyer tones are right on trend – think walnuts, coffees and ash grey.

Dramatic dark flooring will up the sophistication in your home and will help to ground a room, creating a sense of intimacy. Airy greys, on the other hand, are the perfect neutral base and will make your space feel bigger by reflecting the light. We’re also seeing a trend towards wider floor boards as a way to make rooms feel modern and spacious.

Talk to a PlaceMakers expert to shop their extensive range of flooring featured above and discover what option is best for you.

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