Clutter Free Feb

How to organise your wardrobe for Clutter-Free Feb

Calm the chaos in your bedroom by adding some order to your clothing. Here’s the second step in our two-part wardrobe decluttering guide

First, stand back and assess your wardrobe, taking time to think about which systems work for you and which don’t. If you have good storage (a variety of shelving and drawers, cubbies and high- and low-hanging rods) – great. If not, you’ll have to get crafty and create some.

According to Natalie Jane of Be Organised: DON’T cram your clothes into spaces and, if possible, DO hang items you wear often (that way, you can see at a glance exactly what you have). Hang similar pieces together – either by colour or sleeve length. Fold items into drawers and stack vertically – this prevents wrinkling, is a great space-saver and allows you to see items easily.

Use drawer dividers for smaller items such as singlets and underwear – shoeboxes work well for this, too. Baskets are great for storing everyday casual shoes vertically and are another space-saver. Place remaining shoes on shoe racks, in labelled, clear-plastic shoeboxes or in cubbies if you have them. Storage Box stores have a good variety of storage solutions for accessories and jewellery.

‘S’ hooks on a rod are great to hang belts and bags from, and if you have lots of scarves, try a hanging scarf organiser. If you are short on space use the backs of doors and store off-season clothes in under-the-bed bins or in a spare room if you have one. Having an organised wardrobe saves you time, curbs the stress and means that you’ll know exactly what you have and what you need.

Top tips

  • Create extra storage where necessary.
  • Hang clothes you wear often.
  • Fold and stack clothes vertically in drawers.
  • Good lighting and a mirror are essential.
  • Only shop for items that you absolutely need, love and will wear now.
  • Adopt the ‘one in, one out’ rule.
  • Declutter seasonally.

Words by: Natalie Jane of Be Organised.

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