Clutter Free Feb

How to organise your medicine cabinet for Clutter-Free Feb

Whether you have a cabinet, first-aid kit or overflowing drawer, here are some practical decluttering tips to help you keep your medicine organised


Every household should have a first aid kit. It is often stashed precariously in a cupboard, without any real order going on. You never know when an accident might happen, so it’s important that you can get your hands on exactly what you need in the moment. Choose an area in your home to sort your items.

According to our resident expert Natalie Jane from Be Organised, you should gather all of the first aid items from around the home. Sort these into piles, grouping similar items together. Check the expiry dates. You can return expired and unused medicines to your pharmacist for safe disposal. Declutter any items you will not use again. Choose what categories you want to organise items into eg. plasters and bandages, lotions and potions, cold and flu.

Have a think about where you want to store everything. Your medical and first aid supplies need to be stored in a cool, dry place. Here’s where you will need a variety of containers in which to store each category. You can reuse containers you have or buy some stackable containers from a brand such as Sistema to create a uniform look. Label each container accordingly and store into your chosen space.

Top tips

  • Take expired items to your local pharmacy.
  • Get rid of items you will not use again.
  • Separate items and store by category in containers.
  • Label containers so everyone in the household can see items easily at a glance.
  • Store in a practical place that works for you and your home.
  • Review and restock each season.

Words by: Natalie Jane from Be Organised

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