Clutter Free Feb

How to organise your bedroom for Clutter-Free Feb

You know what they say: tidy room, tidy mind. Take the clutter and chaos out of your life with these organising tips for your bedroom

According to our resident expert Natalie Jane of Be organised a disorganised bedroom can impact your mood, which isn’t surprising when you consider that it’s the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning. It’s important for this space to be stress-free and relaxing.

Clear your bed to create a sorting area, and set up your banana boxes, cleaning stuff and rubbish bags. Gather all the items in one category (eg reading material) and put them on your bed. Put like with like and then make decisions on whether to keep them or not. Use your boxes and rubbish bags for ‘relocate’ (to another, more appropriate part of the home), ‘give away’ and ‘rubbish’ items, and clean as you go. Then move on to the next category.

Christchurch bungalow bedroom

The kind of items you’ll be sorting include books, magazines, stationery, hair and makeup accessories, decorative objects and bedside table items. Check to see if there is anything under your bed or on the floor. Remove items from all the cubbies and drawers in your room – leave no stone unturned.

Look for clutter spots and their cause. Dirty clothes on the floor? A laundry basket can house those. Clutter on surfaces? Create homes for those items, too. Every item needs a home. Only keep things that you love and use and that reflect who you are now. Before you reorganise your ‘keep’ items, take some time to study your furniture layout. Does it work? Keep what is working and change what isn’t – maybe your room needs more functionality and flow? Now store your items where you use them.

Top tips

  • Create a calm space that is clutter free.
  • Keep items that reflect who you are now.
  • Store items at their point of use.
  • Every item needs a home.
  • Do not store anything on the floor.
  • Move furniture around for better functionality and flow.
  • Make your bed every day!
  • Adopt the ‘one touch’ rule (every time you touch something, put it back where it belongs) especially with clothes.
  • Review and declutter seasonally.

Words by: Natalie Jane from Be Organised.

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