How to organise your home to make the dreaded laundry cycle easier

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When it comes to the dreaded laundry cycle, PlaceMakers show us a bit of organisation and clever storage can make a world of difference

How to organise your home to make the dreaded laundry cycle easier

Doing the laundry is easily one of the most annoying household chores. The key to streamlining the process is to make sure your laundry, wardrobe and linen cupboard are all organised. Here are some handy habits and laundry hacks that will make the job slightly more satisfying.


This process starts and ends in your laundry so it’s important you put some consideration into how you can make better use of the space. Built in storage will help you to define your laundry area and keep it organised. Install cupboards or shelving up high to house things like cleaning products away from sight (and small hands).

Modular storage is ideal for this area as you can customise it to fit your space. We like rail or wire mesh shelving for the laundry as it allows for better air circulation from underneath. Rubbermaid from PlaceMakers is a good option – it can be set up in a range of configurations to suit your home and it’s budget-friendly. If you’re renovating, make extra bench space a priority – this will give you room to sort, wash and fold washing all in one place.

Top laundry tips

  • Keep only laundry-related items in your laundry to cut down the clutter
  • Create a laundry schedule to keep on top of washing.
  • Use washing baskets for lights, darks, hand washing and/or soiled clothes (e.g. kids’ sports gear) so you can easily throw a wash on without having to sort through everything.
  • Create designated spots (labelled if possible) e.g. cleaning cloths, pegs and laundry powder.
  • Design your laundry with room for storage baskets – these are perfect for hiding products (or odd socks) from sight.

Modular wardrobe storage


Hands up if your pile of clean clothes is just as big as your dirty one! Putting away clothes can be a pain if your wardrobe is disorganised. Before you bring order to the chaos you may need to do some decluttering. Sort clothes by category and then assess how many of each item you have. Ask yourself practical questions: Do you need more hanging space for long items or an additional set of drawers? Could you place off-season clothes in storage boxes?

Your wardrobe should be all about functionality, so a variety of shelving and drawers, cubbies and high- and low-hanging rods are a must. GetSorted is a fuss-free and stylish modular system that will make you happy to put your clothes back after they’re washed. PlaceMakers also offers the option to custom design your own wardrobe chat one of their specialists to see what’s right your your home.

Top wardrobe tips

  • Get rid of ‘I might wear/fit/need it one day’ items.
  • Try hang items you wear often – that way, you can see at a glance exactly what you have and it’s easy to put your clothes back when the laundry is done.
  • Good-quality coat hangers will prevent creases in your clothes and will also make your wardrobe feel organised.
  • Hang clothes in your wardrobe by sleeve length or colour, depending on your preference.
  • Use drawer dividers for smaller items such as singlets and underwear

Linen cupboard

When you’re doing the laundry, there’s nothing worse than trying to fold a fitted sheet and then having to stuff it into a linen cupboard that’s bursting at the seams. A tidy linen cupboard will save you time and stress in your laundry cycle so, before you get organising, take stock of everything in your cupboard. Get realistic about what your household needs – two to three sheet sets per bed and two to three towel sets per person is a good guideline.

With flexible sizing and shelving, GetSorted modular products are perfect storage solution for your linen cupboard – they’re even made of eco-friendly timber panels. Store frequently used items like daily towels on the easy-to-reach shelves and keep sheet sets together in bundles by wrapping your flat sheet around the fitted sheet and pillowcases.

Top linen cupboard tips

  • Use baskets and shelf dividers to keep your linen contained and ordered.
  • Label the shelves where necessary to make it clear where everything lives.
  • Store less-used items such as duvets up high.
  • Keep beach towels and blankets rolled up in baskets.
  • If you’re stuck for space, sheets can always live in the wardrobe of the room they belong in.

For more information talk to a wardrobe specialist at PlaceMakers.

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