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5 simple and eco-friendly ways you can live off your land

Article by Homes to Love

With ANZ, Homes to Love is exploring the ways we live now, under the theme of ‘Eco-friendly’ – and how this trend allows us to live and build today


The GoGo bach – an eco-friendly bach by Herbst Architects.


  1. The days of having just a ‘vegetable’ garden are over – include fruit trees and perennial herbs in your landscaping. They’re beautiful and productive.
  2. Build a raised bed and use it to grow easily perishable varieties, like herbs and lettuce, that always seem to start rotting in your fridge and cost a fortune.
  3. Install a water tank to capture water from the roof for the garden.
  4. Get a couple of compost bins to complete the circle by replenishing the soil with waste from your kitchen.
  5. Invest in a beehive like that of the owners of the GoGo bach, or get someone to install and manage one for you. Not only will you get honey from it, but the bees will make your garden more productive.


The beehives at the GoGo bach. 

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