How to: Five Technologies that will change your life

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The Sonos home audio system uses wifi to broadcast sound all around the house.*


1. Wifi has changed home entertainment radically – no longer do you need seven remotes. The likes of Sonos use wifi to broadcast sound all around the house – and it’ll even talk to your Apple TV.

2. Lighting is increasingly automated – night lights in hallways, front door lights on timers. LEDs, meanwhile, are changing our conception of lighting, as with the Change It wall of lights.

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Change It! Wall by Amirko; a timeless and priceless idea which is simple, a wall that changes its theme and colour.


3. Never lose your keys again: go keyless with a finger-print access keypad – then add the Netatmo face recognition camera for the ultimate in home security.

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Netatmo Welcome Face Recognition Home Camera; using face-recognition technology a remote security monitor alerts you when anyone passes in front of the wireless camera and sends their names directly to your iPhone.


4. For the wine buff with a lack of space, the Wave ultrasonic wine ager uses wave technology to age your wine, without needing a big cellar.

5. Who says walls are walls and windows are windows? With the touch of a button, Switchable Glass uses electro-chromatic technology to change between clear and opaque.

*Sonos PLAY:1. The compact, surprisingly powerful wireless speaker with deep, crystal clear HiFi sound.


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