Clutter Free Feb

How to declutter your living room for Clutter-Free Feb

Often a dumping ground for everyone in your house, the living room and dining area can be like a magnet for clutter. Natalie Jane explains how to get organised

The living room is a favourite gathering place. It usually performs several functions and often houses a variety of items, making it a great place for clutter to cluster. Expert organiser Natalie of BeOrganised recommends tackling this area over two days – one day to declutter and another day to reorganise. Gather your banana boxes and cleaning tools and take time to evaluate the space. Do items have homes? What is working and what is not working?

Working methodically, one category at a time, pull everything out of each space and group items together. Make decisions on your items, asking yourself questions such as: ‘When was the last time we used this?’ ‘Have the kids outgrown this game?’ ‘Do we listen to CDs any more?’ ‘Do I still love that vase?’ If you have a shelf that is overflowing with books, it’s time to reduce them.

St Clements Banjo Sofa

Be honest with yourself and pare back your items; if you’re honest, decisions will come easier. Use your boxes for ‘relocate’, ‘charity’ and ‘keep’ items. If you haven’t decluttered this area in a while, keep in mind that what you loved and used in the past, you may not love and use now. Once you have decluttered each category, relocate your ‘relocate’ items and put your ‘charity’ items aside. Put ‘keep’ items back where they were living for now or leave them in the banana boxes.

Top tips

  • Take time to evaluate what is working and what is not working in the space.
  • Only keep items that you love and use now.
  • Get family members to help decide on items.
  • Use the opportunity to clean as you go.

Words by: Natalie Jane from Be Organised 

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