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How to declutter your kids’ bedroom for Clutter-Free Feb

Kids’ bedrooms can be a disaster zone for clutter. Use these handy tips to organise their space and make decluttering habits for the future

Today focus on decluttering your kids’ rooms and tomorrow is your chance to reorganise them.

Kids’ rooms need decluttering on a regular basis as their needs, wants and tastes are constantly changing as they grow. Items can build up so easily here – and the same can be said for a spare room, which can fast turn into a dumping ground. The more often you declutter these spaces, the easier they are to maintain, advises organising expert Natalie from BeOrganised. As usual, set up your banana boxes, rubbish bags and cleaning gear, and make sure you have room to sort.

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The best way to declutter is by category: games, toys, books, clothes, shoes, bags, creative stuff, etc.

Choose an easy category to begin with (one you’re not too attached to) and gather all those items together; make sure to look through the house for any strays.

Now consider each object and ask yourself, ‘Have they outgrown that game/toy/book/dress?’ (In the case of a spare room, ask yourself whether items are loved and used and whether the spare room is the best place for it.)

Reject any items that are broken or have missing parts. Your banana boxes are useful for ‘charity’ and ‘relocate’ items, and hand-me-downs for younger siblings. Also use the boxes to temporarily hold the ‘keep’ items by category as much as you can.

Put anything with sentimental value in a box, too. Relocate the ‘relocate’ items, pop the ‘charity’ items aside, and put out the recycling and rubbish. Stack your ‘keep’ items neatly – and reorganise them tomorrow.

Top tips

  • Declutter kids’ rooms on a regular basis – seasonally is ideal.
  • Move on any items they no longer play with, use or fit.
  • Get rid of items that are broken or have missing parts.
  • Store sentimental items in a box.

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