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How to create a beautiful flower arrangement with backyard winter blooms

Article by Homes to Love

Rosie Holt from Rose Tinted Flowers proves that you can still make a show-stopping flower arrangement with winter blooms and foliage from your own garden

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Rosie Holt’s top tips for creating a winter flower arrangement:

  • Start with miscellaneous foliage from the garden. Delicate leaves work really well, but anything that will add extra texture is perfect.
  • Choose two hero flowers (Rosie used parrot tulips and protea) and compliment with a few other smaller flowers.
  • Make sure the bottoms of the stems are naked before putting them in the vase to prevent bacteria forming in the water.
  • Before you start your arrangement, place some chicken wire (or similar) in the vase to use as a mould to hold your foliage in place.

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Words by: Bea Taylor. Video by: Melissa Tapper

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