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5 ways to save money and give your home architectural style

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Stylish doesn’t have to mean expensive. We look at five ways you can give your home that designer edge while staying under budget

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Architect Davor Popaditch and his wife Abbe’s affordable home. Photography: Simon Devitt

Taking inspiration from the home featured above, we give you five ways to create a home that looks beautiful even on a budget. Creating a home interior from everyday materials like ply can still look beautiful and even sophisticated if you keep it simple like architect Davor Popaditch did with his home.

  1. Build only what you need – you’re better to add extra rooms later as circumstances change than spend money on things you won’t use.
  2. Use materials that are hard-wearing and self-finishing such as plywood. Plasterboard might appear cheaper, but not once you count the cost of paint and plastering.
  3. Invest wisely – buy a couple of beautiful light fittings, or a really nice taps.
  4. Use space intelligently – Davor designed built-in seating that both saved money and keeps the space free of clutter.
  5. Take your time, plan properly and look for bargains.

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