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How to heat your home in an environmentally friendly way

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Add style, warmth and simplicity to your home with the environmentally friendly Brooklyn fireplace


How to heat your home in an environmentally friendly way

The new Brooklyn biofuel fireplace by Living Flame is what home-heating dreams are made of. The open flame fireplace is available in a variety of sleek finishes, from brushed stainless to bronze and black, and it’s minimalist design means it can easily fit into any home. The best part is it gives you the warmth and beauty of an open fire, without the smoke and hassle of a traditional fireplace.


Stylish and safe

Because Brooklyn run on biofuel, it produces no air pollution or smoke, so there is no need for a chimney or venting. This means all the heat generated stays inside your home, and the fireplace can be installed anywhere – it’s perfect for small spaces and apartments. It is easy to install and use, and is more efficient than an electric or open fireplace. It’s affordable too, coming in under $5000.


What is biofuel?

Biofuels are naturel fuels derived from plants or other living matter, They are more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels as they are clean-burning and made from renewable sources. Bioethanol, the most common biofuel, is used in the Brooklyn fireplace. It is usually made from the fermentation of plants such as sugar cane.

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