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Why heat pumps are great at keeping your house cool – and other myths exposed

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Here’s why a Daikin heat pump is your best solution for staying cool in hot, humid weather

If open windows and a feeble floor fan just aren’t cutting it anymore, a Daikin heat pump could be your answer to beating the heat this summer. Despite its name, a heat pump is perfect for producing cool, dry air – making it the ideal solution to stay comfortable in hot weather. To help you figure out if a heat pump could be the right fit for your home, we thought we’d bust some common myths to tell you what they’re really like.

Myth 1: Heat pumps aren’t energy-efficient and cost-effective 

You can say goodbye to muggy mornings, uncomfortable evenings and high energy bills. Heat pumps are designed to be energy-efficient and are the most efficient way to heat or cool your home with electricity. Offering year-round heating and cooling, they’re a popular solution for Kiwi homes and super convenient for retrofitting into any space.

The key is to pick a good quality system with efficient, intelligent design. Daikin’s Cora range is a great option. Its energy efficient technology keeps temperature stable and includes a 2-Area Intelligent Eye sensor that automatically reduces power consumption if a room has been left unoccupied for 20 minutes. The sensor can also ensure draught free comfort by diverting air away from you when you’re in the room.

Myth 2: Heat pumps aren’t eco-conscious

It’s true that not all heat pumps are made equal so it’s important to do research into technical specifications – especially when it comes to how environmentally friendly your heat pump is. As a world leading heat pump company, Daikin recognises the need to have the best refrigerants. Daikin’s next-generation R32 refrigerant is used in the Cora heat pump range, which improves energy efficiency by up to 10% and has an exceptionally low Global Warming Potential Factor.

Myth 3: Heat pumps can make your allergies and asthma worse

Contrary to the myth that a heat pump can trigger asthma, choosing the right system can help to clean and purify the air in your home. When shopping around look out for the blue butterfly symbol – this means through rigorous testing, the unit has been approved as an allergy-friendly option by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ Sensitive Choice® programme.

Daikin’s innovative Cora range are some of the few systems on the market that carry the symbol. Their advanced air purification features will help you breathe easy by removing airborne particles like dust and pet dander while also eliminating bacteria and odours.

Myth 4: Heat pumps are too loud

Advances in technology have meant that heat pumps today are barely audible. You can binge-watch your favourite series in comfort, without having to compete with the volume of your air conditioner. Daikin’s range of powerful heat pumps are designed to operate with sound levels as low as 19dBA during quiet operation – which in layman’s terms means you’ll barely notice it’s on, making it a great option for your bedroom.

Myth 5: A heat pump won’t suit your home’s aesthetic

The belief that all heat pumps are bulky and ugly is a myth we’re more than happy to squash. As one of the most popular heating and cooling solutions, heat pumps have become a common sight in Kiwi interiors. Look out for compact, streamlined styles that will blend seamlessly into your interior.

The Cora series from Daikin’s premium range is a stylish choice. What sets this model apart is its intelligent flat panel design. Available in a high quality matte white finish, this heat pump will easily sit inconspicuously in your home.

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