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5 fail-safe flooring trends you need to know about this year

Article by Homes to Love

Whether you prefer your flooring to be a backdrop to your interior or the star of the show, these five flooring ideas are a sure fire way to add style to your home

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Building a new home offers a unique opportunity to create a consistent and coherent design theme throughout, anchored by smart flooring choices. Carpet Court design ambassador Jane Carolan shares the hottest trends.

1. Nature

Bring the outside in with gentle and unusual colour combinations and an exploration of textures. Mix muddied, soft neutral shades with crisp pops of mint, watermelon, green, cocoa, terracotta and klein blue. Wooden floors form a timeless foundation, offering that feeling of something natural underfoot. The trend at the moment is leaning towards matte finishes rather than high gloss, giving you a more natural look and feel.

2. The new neutral

Navy makes way for the new neutral sage, a soft, restful colour that’s perfect paired with other dusty neutrals in lounges and bedrooms. Dark wood has returned, while mid tone to charcoal greys are here to stay. Beige and honey tones are safe and always a solid choice in flooring but the tones are deeper and more caramel. Grey, as always, just works with everything – keep the hues warm rather than cool for this look.

3. Vintage seventies

With their bold patterns and unusual shades, new versions of 1970s-designed tiles will make our floors much more interesting and eye-catching. Amazing vinyl patterned flooring is coming out of Europe and we are falling in love with it, as it’s so durable and easy to live with.

4. Modern vintage

In this age of recycling, we like the idea of taking the best design styles and vintage items of past eras, then merging them with modern living. Herringbone and chevron add interest to floors – along with geometrical pattern in tiles and carpet squares with a throwback to the fifties, sixties and seventies.

5. Boho style

Boho style draws inspiration from North Africa, India, South America and Malaysia. This experimental trend advocates comfort and creativity and embraces the use of bold colour and dynamic texture in everything from a piled carpet to a cushion fringe. Choose carpet in a slightly darker colour palette to hold the strength of what is happening in the room.

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Photography by: Carpet Court, Vanessa and Michael Lewis, The Virtue, Helen Bankers, Rachel Dobbs.



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