5 simple ways to make cooking meals a pleasure instead of a chore

If cooking meals has become more of a chore than a pleasure, then it’s time to turn the hub of the house into a new fun zone. Eleanor Ozich explains how

The way you feel about cooking affects everything you do – or don’t do – in the kitchen. You see, our thoughts control our reality, so if you believe cooking is hard, stressful or time-consuming, this will continue to be true in your mind. Mindset shifts can be transformational in our lives, and the brilliant thing is that this also applies to how we feel about cooking. Creating a joyful relationship with cooking has less to do with the process itself, and more to do with the thoughts we have around it.

Here are some simple ideas I have found to be helpful for making my time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

1. Consider your thoughts around cooking

Choose to think of cooking not as another chore but as an opportunity to slow down and enjoy one of life’s most exquisite pleasures. Next time you are chopping vegetables or rushing to get dinner on the table, use this time to focus your mind and feel connected to the ingredients that will nourish your body.

2. Clear your kitchen counters

A clean, uncluttered kitchen makes all the difference to me when I’m about to start cooking. Not only does it help to give a strong sense of calm and order, but a clear counter also encourages opportunity and necessary space in your mind to cook with a fresh outlook. Taking five minutes to tidy up beforehand will also save you more time in the long run. Once your space is clean and ready, consider the small, simple touches you can add to your kitchen space to make it more appealing.
I often have a few glass jars filled with flowers and herbs on the windowsill, and love to style my collection of cookbooks and knick-knacks in a pleasing way.

3. Create a fun cooking playlist

I always have music playing while I’m cooking, and it’s the most straightforward way to create a joyful association with the task. Music can instantly shift the way you feel and refresh your mood in minutes. You might like to create a few themed playlists, depending on the style of dish you are creating whether it’s Italian, French or Mexican. Sounds cheesy, but it makes the experience playful and fun.

4. Learn to be okay with kitchen failures

When I first started my blog, I honestly had no idea how to cook. I had to start from the ground up — and let me tell you I had plenty of fails in the kitchen. The first step to getting creative and having more fun in the kitchen is to cultivate a growth mindset. Be okay with the fact that not everything will work out, but learn to fall in love with the experimentation. Use this as an opportunity to discover new flavour possibilities.

5. Choose a new level of confidence in yourself

An anxious spirit does not enjoy creating so start walking around your kitchen as if you own it. Pretend to yourself that you know what you are doing, even if you don’t. Friend, I believe you are more creative than you think. Remember, no one was born knowing how to cook. You will make mistakes, and that’s okay. The biggest mistake is simply not having the confidence to give new things a go.

Words and photography by: Eleanor Ozich

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