7 Highly effective habits to help you stay organised

Natalie from BeOrganised shares her top healthy habits that will get you to cut the clutter and help you can maintain order in your home.

1. One-touch rule

When you touch an item, touch it only once. This means the item needs to go back to the place it belongs straight away. If you get busy or have to attend to something, go back to the item and put it away as soon as you can. It sounds like a difficult habit to create but it works!

2. Tidy up every day

Choose a time that will suit you and fit in with your day. You may choose to tidy once or twice a day. Get the family on board to keep those systems in place.

3. One-in, one-out 

When an item comes into your home, a similar item needs to leave. So often, more items come into the home than leave, causing clutter to build up and storage to overflow

4. Think before you buy

Once you have decluttered your home and reorganised belongings, you will know exactly what you have and what you need. When you go shopping, ask yourself ‘do I need it?’, ‘will I use it?’, ‘do I love it?’. Always take a list, and don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.

5. Time limits

Put time limits on items you are not sure about. If you don’t wear a dress by the end of the season, give it away. That cookbook you haven’t used in a while? If you haven’t used it in two months, let it go. You can also box up items you are not sure about and put a time limit on that too.

6. Donation bin

Having a permanent donation bin or basket in your home is a friendly reminder that items we no longer love or use need to leave our homes. They can always add value to someone else’s life! When the bin gets full, put it in your car and drop it off at a charity of your choice.

7. Regular reviews

Your home will need regular tune-ups and you will still have to declutter on a regular basis. Change of seasons and school holidays are perfect times to action reviewing, decluttering and reorganising. Put dates in your diary and stick to them. The more regularly you declutter, the easier it becomes!

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