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Have a sustainable Christmas with these eco-friendly decoration tips

Christmas can be a rather wasteful time of year. Use these ideas for eco-friendly decorations to make sure this Christmas is a sustainable one 

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations

Have a sustainable Christmas with these eco-friendly decoration tips 

The tree:

Plywood trees and wreaths are made from natural materials and can be reused year after year. makes trees and Love Bradbury offers cute wreaths that foraged blooms can be added to.

Instead of cutting down a tree or buying an artificial one, which will eventually end up in landfill, opt for a potted tree you can keep inside or plant out later. You could also consider decorating an outdoor tree.

If you buy a real tree, make sure you dispose of it properly by recycling it into mulch, compost or firewood. Some Christmas-tree farms and transfer stations offer this service, or you can enlist a Christmas-tree removal company or garden-bag collection service.

Eco-friendly Christmas


Minimise your lighting. You don’t need to deck the whole house out in Christmas lights. For those you do use, choose energy-efficient LED lights, replaceable bulbs and solar-powered bulbs for the outdoors.

Reuse decorations, make your own or purchase those made from natural or recycled materials.

Bring nature inside in place of a pine tree, ensuring you choose branches or plants, such as toetoe, that will regenerate.

Go without plastic-filled Christmas crackers. Make your own instead, using paper-towel rolls and recycled paper, or buy a DIY cracker kit, so you can pop your own homemade gift inside.

After a big day celebrating, recycling will be the last thing on everyone’s minds. Make it easy by setting up bins at the start of the day so people know where to put any paper, bottles or packaging.

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Nic Gossage, Scott Hawkins, Maree Homer/

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