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Here’s how you can beam light into the darkest corners of your home

Let the sunshine in with this natural daylight solution

A home with loads of natural light flooding in is always a joy to be in and it’s much better for you than electric light. Sunlight improves your circadian rhythm – meaning you sleep better, it’s also a mood enhancer and may even help you increase your productivity. It’s a win-win: your home looks better and you feel better.

The power of light

Not all houses are blessed with an abundance of natural light, which is where a Solatube skylight – with its architectural good looks – comes into its own. With a Solatube skylight, sunlight can be redirected into windowless rooms and dark nooks or hallways, performing better than traditional skylights.

Improving natural light

Both your family and furnishings are protected from damaging UV rays with Solatube’s clever technology. Its light filter brings in just the spectrum of light you want and none you don’t. It also has a patented dome that brings in the amount of light you want, with extra low-angle light in the dark winter months and a little less harsh summer light.

Despairing at the lack of natural light in her kitchen and hallway, Tauranga homeowner Becki-Jo Mann installed three Solatubes skylights in her home. “It’s like our home feels happier. It’s quick, reasonably priced and certainly cheaper than moving house,” she says.

Add-on kits

When the sun goes down, the Solar NightLight kit allows a soft light into the home without the need for electricity, or use the Light add-on kit, which works like a normal light. There’s also the Daylight Dimmer, allowing you to turn off your skylight if you have it installed in a media room and want subdued lighting to watch a movie by. For wet areas like bathrooms there’s a ventilation add-on to help extract moisture.

Easy installation

The Solatube Daylighting System is easy to install in a matter of hours by a certified Solatube skylight installer, because it’s non-intrusive and doesn’t require structural changes. Solatube’s Rebecca Johansson says you don’t even need roof space. “They can even be installed in flat roofs.”  There is also a no-leak guarantee and a 10-year warranty on each one installed.

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