Design dilemmas solved: what to do with a dark and dingy Lockwood

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It’s a design dilemma we hear often – what to do with a dark and dingy Lockwood interior so its original character is retained  while giving it a fresh new look. Here’s a Lockwood renovation idea that won’t break the bank!


How to give your Lockwood a cosmetic update

“Two words,” says interior designer Alex Fulton. “Paint it.”

Painting a Lockwood interior will change the overall feel of the spaces and bring a new and fresh character. “Character is created by more than wooden walls,” advises Alex, “it comes from good design and curated spaces. It comes from planning and designing your home to complement your aesthetic and how you live. Try to recall what prompted your desire to change the wall colour. Was it from a magazine or did you find an image online?”

“Do your research by pulling together some inspiring images that capture the look you are after (the story on page 68 might be a good start) and seek expert advice about the best products to use to get this look. This is a prime example of “do it once and do it right”. Don’t be afraid to paint over wood to get the finish and style that will work for you and your family.”

How to paint out a dark wood interior

1. First clean down walls using Selleys Sugar Soap

2. Then sand walls using 220-grit sandpaper

3. Wipe over walls with damp cloth to remove dust

4. Apply a first coat of Dulux Precision Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer

5. Apply a second coat of Dulux Wash & Wear Matte or Low Sheen

6. Apply a third Coat of Dulux Wash & Wear Matt or Low Sheen

Products to use

+ Dulux Precision Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer
+ Dulux Wash & Wear Matt or Low Sheen



Words by: Alex Fulton. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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