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How to declutter your laundry like a pro organiser

Because of the out of sight, out of mind nature of laundry rooms, they often fall victim excess clutter. Here’s how to create an organised laundry

declutter laundry


Although a busy area of the home, a laundry often tends to get overlooked when it comes to storage. Many are too small, lack organisation and are a magnet for lost socks and miscellaneous items. Ready your banana boxes, rubbish bags and cleaning gear and prepare to declutter. Natalie Jane of Be Organised suggests working by category here, or by shelf, cupboard, drawer. If there are items on the floor, start there.

Get rid of any items that you no longer use, that are broken or tired-looking. Decant liquids, consolidate half-used products and recycle where you can. Put ‘relocate’ items in your banana box and clean each space as you go. Group like items together (tomorrow we’ll sort out storage).

declutter laundry

Some things to think about… Do you have a laundry routine? Scheduling regular times to do your laundry is key to keeping on top of it. Does each family member have a washing basket in their room? This will save dirty clothes from being dumped on the floor. Relocate your ‘relocate’ items to more suitable parts of the home and take out your rubbish and recycling.

Once you’ve decluttered your laundry, it’s the perfect opportunity to reorganise it.

Top tips

  • Keep only laundry-related items in your laundry.
  • Create a laundry schedule to keep on top of washing.
  • Set up laundry baskets in each bedroom.
  • Put a rubbish bin in your laundry.

Words by: Natalie Jane of Be Organised.

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