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Avoid these common mistakes when choosing curtains for your home

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Curtains and blinds can make or break a home – here’s what you need to know when you’re fitting out your new build or renovation

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There’s a lot more to curtains and blinds than just preventing passers-by from seeing you in your pyjamas at night.

They also provide added insulation and are an important component of your interior look. Choosing the right window treatments can be trickier than you might think, so we asked Teresa Butler from Curtain Studio to give us her expert advice.

What’s the most common mistake people make when it comes to window treatments?

Without a doubt the biggest problems arise when people don’t think about window treatments until it’s too late. They often leave them until last in their planning, and by the time they come to us the build is underway and they’re starting to feel the squeeze financially.

If you come to see us as soon as you have plans you can show us, we can discuss what will and won’t work and give you a realistic estimate to include in your budget. We’re happy to spend time with you months out from when you actually need the curtains and blinds. Luckily at Curtain Studio, we have a huge variety of custom-made products available in just 12 working days.

We advise people to spend money in the lounge, dining and main bedroom

then economise with ready-made products elsewhere in the home

How does planning early make a difference to the end result?

As an example, if you want beautiful ceiling-to-floor curtains we need fixtures in the ceiling to carry the weight. If you come to us early enough, the builder can put them in there. It’s the same with automation. More and more people want automated blinds, and it’s a really affordable option these days. We can fit a battery-powered option, but if you haven’t put the jib up yet an electrician can put the wiring in the walls so they run off the mains power. Then all the wires are hidden and you’ve just got a switch on the wall!

What are some tips and tricks for affordable window treatments?

One of the benefits of coming to Curtain Studio is that alongside custom-made curtains, blinds and shutters, we have a wide selection of attractively priced ready-to-hang designs, so you can slice and dice depending on your budget. We usually advise people to spend money in the lounge, dining and main bedroom, then economise by using ready-made products elsewhere in the home.

How important is it to consider window treatments as part of a scheme?

One thing people don’t think about is how the home looks from the outside. If you have blinds and linings in all different colours it will look inconsistent, so we recommend keeping these the same in all rooms. Who would have thought just covering your windows would have so many options!

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