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How to care for your favourite clothes with a smarter laundry routine

Article by Homes to Love

Getting smart with your washing will help you look after your clothes better. The Homes to Love team share their favourite items and expert laundry tips

Our clothes are a reflection of who we are and if you take care when washing signature pieces they will look good for years to come. Different fabrics call for special attention and if you follow the care instructions on labels and combine this with the innovative washing and drying cycles and smart technology of the latest appliances your favourite clothes will retain that X factor that makes them such a stand-out for you.

The Homes to Love team opens the doors of their closets and share the stories behind the clothes that have been a part of many special occasions.

Digital content producer Bea Taylor

Favourite item: Wool and cashmere jumper

Bea’s impulse purchase has become a must-have item in her wardrobe. “I bought this woollen jumper on a particularly cold day. They say never to go food shopping when you’re hungry – the same could be said for not going clothes shopping when you’re cold,” she laughs. “But this purchase turned out to be the woollen jumper I didn’t know I needed and now can’t live without it.” It not only looks great, but keeps her cosy too. Her impulse purchase has become a much-prized wardrobe staple. “It goes with everything.”

Care tips

Avoid pilling and stretching of precious knits during washing by selecting the Woolmark-approved Fisher & Paykel Wool cycle. It will give a gentle wash that avoids any twisting or strain on delicate fibres. You can also take advantage of the innovative new range of Fisher & Paykel dryers that use heat pump technology so that your woollens won’t be put under stress. The dryers have a drying rack for garments that can’t be tumble dried, and dry at low temperatures for gentle fabric care.

Digital Editor Lakshmi Krishnasamy 

Favourite item: Silk slip dress

“My favourite closet item is this dress I wore as maid of honour at my sister’s wedding.” Lakshmi loves the dress for three reasons. “Firstly, I really love clothes designed by Miss Crabb and have quite a few signature pieces in my wardrobe. This dress was custom made by Miss Crabb just before she closed so it’s really special.” The dress also reminds Lakshmi of the amazing day with friends and family celebrating her sister’s marriage. And last but not least it is so versatile. “It can be totally dressed up or down, depending on my choice of shoes.”

Care tips

Silk is such a delicate fabric and creases easily when washed. Using a conventional iron places fibres under stress. A garment steamer like the Philips Easy Touch Plus is a great alternative to smooth out creases. It has five steam levels so you can be sure you’re getting the penetration you need for a seamless look. It will highlight the sheen of silk and emphasise the draping of the fabric.

Editor Katie Newton 

Favourite item: Polyester, viscose and rayon skirt

“My favourite item is a floor-length ruffled skirt from Moochi,” says Katie. This skirt is a reminder of treasured memories and makes her feel great whenever she wears it. “I bought it to wear to my 40th birthday party, which was a long Italian lunch that stretched well into the evening. Whenever I wear it I’m reminded of the amazing time I had on that very special occasion.

Care tips

Take care when washing these fabrics as they have a tendency to shrink and bleed. Fisher & Paykel washing machines with SmartDrive™ technology have a breadth of cycles to choose from and can be stopped at any time during a cycle so that you can tailor your wash to suit particular fabrics. Viscose blend materials will also keep their lustre longer if they are line-dried.


Senior Stylist Catherine Wilkinson

Favourite item: Acrylic and polyester jacket

Catherine’s favourite is a testament to the rewards of taking extra care of special pieces. “My favourite closet item is an oldie but a goodie! This Marc Jacobs jacket is my favourite piece of clothing that I bought about eight years ago from a Niemen Marcus sale in L.A. Of course I had no intention of buying a jacket in sweltering 38 degree heat but I couldn’t not purchase this glorious garment that caught my eye and have had no regrets ever since.” Catherine still loves wearing the jacket which has been a wardrobe staple for many years and is a great example of buying quality rather than quantity.

Care tips

Using a net washing bag can reduce wear and tear so favourite pieces stay looking good for longer. By washing in cool water on a short, gentle cycle you can ensure that pieces retain their structure but get a crisp, fresh look. Particular models Fisher & Paykel washing machines have a handwash cycle so you can give delicate garments the care and attention they deserve.

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