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5 easy bathroom renovation ideas for busy households

Article by Homes to Love

Busy households and bathrooms don’t usually mix well, so if you’re dreaming of a major makeover here are a couple of things that could make life a bit easier

The battle for the bathroom, especially in the mornings, is a never-ending saga in most busy households. The constant queueing, lack of privacy and general mess that comes with a busy home means it’s understandable that a bathroom renovation is high on most people’s wish lists. But, bigger isn’t always better and adding another bathroom to your home can be a tricky process. If you’re dreaming of renovating your bathroom, here are a few things to consider that could make your everyday life a bit easier.

1. Double sink

Double sink vanities are one of the most popular search terms for bathrooms in New Zealand right now and it’s easy to see why. Even if you can only manage a minor makeover, adding a vanity with two sinks can be a game-changer for a busy household. No more fights for the mirror and no more annoying battles to brush your teeth. As the popularity for a double sink has grown there are plenty of stylish options available now that will suit any style and size. The main thing to remember is to choose one with adequate storage so you can easily keep the countertop clear.

2. Plumbing

Whether you’re updating your current bathroom or you’re planning an additional one, plumbing is a major expense that can affect your design options and budget. It can be costly and laborious to redirect pipes, which is why it’s usually recommended to stick to an original layout when renovating. This isn’t always the smartest option when you’re trying to make your bathroom work more efficiently or you want to add a toilet and basin into a completely different space.

The best way to achieve a design you and your family will love using is to choose a plumbing solution like Saniaccess 2. Created by French company Saniflo, this system pumps wastewater back to the main lines so you don’t have to undergo major structural work to reconfigure your bathroom layout. With two inlets for a toilet and vanity basin, Saniaccess can give you the flexibility to install a toilet and vanity basin anywhere in your home, which is a major win for any busy household.

3. Layout

If your bathroom becomes a bit of a traffic jam, getting your layout right will help to stop you from crashing into each other at peak times of the day. Much like how you would consider the function and flow of your kitchen, it’s good to think about how your bathroom is used. How many people are in your house? If you have young kids, do you need more space beside the bath? Is there enough room to get by when the door is open or someone is standing at the sink?

Think of your bathroom as having wet and dry zones, with your shower and/or bath in the wet zone and your toilet and vanity in the dry zone. This creates two distinct spaces making it easier for more than one person to comfortably use the space. Plus it makes it much easier to keep your bathroom clean.

A great rule of thumb is to ensure the toilet is not in direct line of sight so you don’t have any embarrassing encounters if someone forgets to lock the door. Try placing your toilet to one side of the door, hiding it from view with your vanity. Using a product like Saniaccess can give you greater flexibility with your layout so you can choose precisely where you want the toilet and vanity to be.

4. Style

Making the right design choices can help you solve common bathroom problems. Firstly, choose a vanity with plenty of bench space and hang a couple of mirrors – this will create the illusion of more space and means there are options for more than one person.

Once you’ve nailed your layout you’ll have a better idea of what style, shape and size your fixtures and fittings need to be. It’s a good idea to invest in quality tapware as they’ll be used a lot. If you have young kids, monobloc taps with a single leaver are great because they’re easy to use with one hand.

You can also use your bathroom’s style to cover up the wear and tear that daily life throws at it. A patterned tile for your floor is a clever choice as it creates visual interest and can help to disguise scuff marks and mess.

5. Storage

The secret weapon of every busy household is storage. Bathrooms, in particular, need thoughtfully designed storage for them to function well. So, when you’re planning your bathroom renovation storage should be up there on your priority list.

Get specific with your requirements – Do you need cabinetry that includes drawers, wide shelves or organised compartments? Ask yourself similar questions for your vanity. And if you have the space, it’s worth adding recessed cabinets to achieve seamless storage.

Consider a mirrored cabinet as another way to close away the clutter and bring some order to the chaos. Simple storage solutions can also go a long way, like extra hooks on the wall for towels and woven baskets for bath toys, magazines and general miscellaneous things.

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