6 wedding registry picks that have no place in your kitchen

Article by Homes to Love

When it comes to your wedding registry, don’t get carried away. The latest kitchen gadgets may appeal, but will you actually use them or will they simply take up valuable space?

The black-and-white kitchen also features a movable table adjacent to the island. Photograph by Jeremy Toth.

Photograph by Jeremy Toth.

With each item you consider listing on your wedding registry, picture it in your kitchen. Where would it be stored? Would your bench be an endless sea of unused appliances? Would you use each item regularly and be able to store it out of sight easily? Or would it never be used and simply clutter up your benchspace, ending up in the bin?

Here are six kitchen items that have no place on your wedding registry, especially if you live in a small space.

1. Bread Machine

How often do you intend to bake bread? Once a week or once a month? Ask yourself whether a bread maker is really worth of taking up your valuable benchspace or storage. Avoid adding this to your registry and opt for the traditional method of baking it in the oven instead.

2. Pasta Maker

As with the bread maker, be honest with yourself about how often you plan to make pasta. If it is on a rare occasion perhaps it is not worth the space you might sacrifice in your kitchen. You can always make pasta by hand and roll it out with a rolling pin. Replace it on your registry with something practical and useful, ideally that you’ll use almost daily.

3. Panini Toaster

You can make similar toasted sandwiches by cooking a delicious cheese and ham sandwich on a stovetop skillet pressed down by another pan. A simple alternative!

4. Benchtop Mixer

If you’re looking to reduce clutter and live a clean tidy home post-wedding, you can use a handheld mixer, which takes up a fraction of the space. And don’t opt for a colour that might go with your kitchen now, but doesn’t match the new kitchen you change to in the next few years.

5. Grill Pan

The purpose behind grill pans is hard to see, other than that they add ‘grill marks’ to food that probably hasn’t been evenly cooked and could taste better being grilled on a grill.

6. Toaster Oven

Everything you can do in a toaster oven can also be done in your real oven. Don’t waste precious kitchen space space on a miniature version of a staple you already have.

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