5 eye-catching ways to pair pink and green like an expert

Pink and green can be a polarising colour pairing, but when applied thoughtfully – like it has been here – it can be a winning combination

Pink and green is an enduring colour pairing – and one that is naturally occurring in spring when blossom appears among bright green leaves. And, while it works seamlessly in nature, utilising this colour combination inside is harder than you think. For instance, pair a warm pink with a lime or dark green and you’ve got watermelon instead of wonderful.

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What interior designer Michelle Kelly has done in this home is an example of how pink and green can be executed tastefully. We’ve decoded her style secrets so you can nail this colour pairing in your home too. Scroll on to discover more, and shop the pink and green look here.

1. Opposites attract:

Pink and green work well together because they are contrasting shades on the colour spectrum, which creates positive visual tension. It’s true opposites attract. But they only work well when they’re used in the same tonal base.

2. Work in balance:

Normally the general rule for pink and green is to use them sparingly – and as highlights only, which is a good tip for those wanting to dip their toes into colour matching in the home. However, Michelle has shown that this isn’t always the case. She’s been bold with this colour pairing and it works because of the use of pastel shades and allowing one hue to be dominant – soft pink. Highlights of various shades of green in olive (kitchen cabinets and balustrade), grass (couch) and pastel (skirtings) punctuate the sweetness of the pink walls and prevent the overall look from appearing too uniform or basic.

3. Break it up:

While the interior of this home is a celebration of green and pink, it’s not completely saturated in these two hues. Clever material choices such as grey marble, warm wooden floors and pops of blue and brass provide breaks in the blocks of colour and contribute to the overall harmonious and modern look.

4. Introduce texture:

Using different textures in your interior is a must anyway, but it is even more important when working with two statement colours as your main interior palette. Utilise textiles such as velvet and linen, and mix with smoother textures like marble and glass to add visual interest.

5. Play with pattern:

Working pink and green into your interior doesn’t just stop at block-coloured walls and cabinets. This colour pairing has gone from standard to statement by highlighting these hues through pattern. Hot pink with hints of green appear on the beautiful floral rug in the living area and variations of these shades also crop up on the cushions and foot stool. This final touch gives depth to a colour duo that has historically been used for teenagers.

Words by: Bea Taylor.

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