5 rules for small homes

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With ANZ, Homes to Love is exploring the ways we live now, under the theme of ‘Small Homes’ – and how this trend allows us to live and build today

small homes

By building small, architect Michael O’Sullivan was able to focus on every small detail and get it right for his family home. Image supplied courtesy of Bull O’Sullivan Architecture.


The 5 rules

    1. Hallways eat space. Wherever possible, dispense with them – who needs a formal front hall?
    2. Even a small room will feel generous if it has a high stud – in the O’Sullivan house, the ceiling slopes upward to the trees.
    3. Oversized doors and windows make spaces seem much bigger than they are.
    4. Splash out on a few key items to make it special – in the O’Sullivan house, the bathroom is made from green marble and the kitchen island is clad in brass.
    5. Functional spaces like laundries and studies don’t have to have their own rooms – tuck them into well-designed cupboards instead.


marble bathroom

O’Sullivan lined the bathroom almost entirely in marble. Image supplied courtesy of Bull O’Sullivan Architecture


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