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5 interior design shows we’re binge-watching on Netflix

Article by Homes to Love

As we adjust to our new normal under lockdown, we’ve been clicking “continue watching” on these 5 shows for home makeover inspiration

1 Queer Eye

Queer Eye never fails at spreading the warm fuzzies, one makeover at a time. The Fab Five set out to transform the life of one person who is stuck in a rut, or just in dire need of a makeover, and provide them with the new tools and skills to turn their life around. Bobby Burk, the interior design extraordinaire, manages to capture the style of each episodes’ subject and transform their home (within a week) to suit their lifestyle.

Bobby consistently does an amazing job of introducing storage, colours and décor, and almost always adds a fiddle leaf fig for the final touch. You wouldn’t be surprised Burk’s own home isn’t too dissimilar. With the boys’ eagerness to help their subjects and unfiltered humour, the show may have you shedding a tear before they’ve even made the big home reveal!

2 Amazing Interiors

If Bobby Berk from Queer Eye took his subjects’ interests and went all out, this is the show. Amazing Interiors meets with eccentric homeowners whose seemingly ordinary homes are full of incredible surprises on the inside. Each 30-minute episode features three very different homes.

A couple of the homes are already completed projects, and one shows you the start-to-finish transformation story. Some homes are inspirational, such as the budget restoration of the houseboat on the River Thames. Other interiors, such as the aquarium housing 60 species of fish in an Israeli home, are more for the super ambitious.

3 Styling Hollywood

Styling Hollywood is the reality TV show which promises a behind-the-scenes look at the interior design and styling of Hollywood’s elite. The show follows power couple Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis as they balance their marriage and co-running a successful business.

Proving a life styling celebrity homes and wardrobes isn’t all about glitz and glamour, Styling Hollywood includes unfiltered drama and the celebrity hustle. Of course, you get to see the creative process of the design of celebrity homes too.

4 Interior Design Masters     

It wouldn’t be a complete list without a reality competition show. In this British series, amateur designers face off in a series of real-world scenarios and compete for the life-changing commission to design a historic hotel bar. In the same vein as The Great British Bake Off, the drama feels unscripted as the pressure of executing a winning design causes enough conflict for audience entertainment.

5 Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Not an interior design show per se, but Japanese tidying-up expert Marie Kondo manages to redesign each episodes’ home with her fine art of decluttering. The show both provides life-changing lessons and serves the viewers’ urges of domestic order in seeking what sparks them joy.

Kondo acts as a fairy godmother, travelling around the United States to offer advice to a series of families. If you love a before-and-after home reveal, you’ll find joy in this show.  Through the process of culling unloved items, Kondo encourages simplicity over consumerism, hopefully having a lasting impact on her audience. If you’re likely to be decluttering your home this weekend, these tips will make selling and donating easy.

Words by: Katie Delany

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