5 fail-safe ways to heat your home this winter

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What’s the right heating option for your home and family? We look at five cosy solutions that will keep you comfortable this winter

5 fail-safe ways to heat your home this winter

While the thought of cuddling up on the couch under a cosy blanket is quite dreamy, the reality of a chilly home in the winter is not. When it comes to choosing the right heating solution for your home there are a lot of points to consider. Your needs, house size, location, installation and budget are all important factors to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for the best heating. We break down five fail-safe ways to heat your home so you can find the right fit for you and your lifestyle.


A well-insulated home is the key to creating a warm, healthy environment. A home with poor insulation is difficult and expensive to heat – so it’s important that you get this right. If you can’t fully insulate your home, talk to an expert about what the best long term solutions are. When you’re looking for insulation, make sure you check the R-value – the higher the rating, the better the quality. Good insulation will make your home warmer, drier and cheaper to keep heat so it’s well worth the investment. Check out our insulation guide here for more advice.

Tip: Having double glazed windows is a great first line of defence against the cold – or hang some double lined curtains.

Heat pump

Heat pumps have seen a rise in popularity and are often the go-to heating solution for open plan living areas. They’re great at producing comfortable, dry heat and can even double as an air conditioner for summer. Make sure you’ve got a clear idea of your room size so it’s easier to choose a pump with the right capacity for your space. Pay attention to the energy rating when choosing your heat pump and chat to an expert to get an idea of the installation costs as you’ll most likely need a professional. Heat pumps can be quite bulky and, if not positioned thoughtfully, a bit of an interior-eyesore. Think practically about where your heat pump could be mounted and how this could impact your room.

Tip: Don’t forget to get your filters cleaned at least annually for increased efficiency.

Fire place

If you want to add cosy atmosphere to your interior, a fireplace is the perfect heating option. There’s something special about curling up in front of a fire and watching the flickering flame. Today’s fires come in a range of styles and burn a variety of fuels, including wood, gas and biofuel . We love how you can use a fireplace place to create a focal point in your home – tile the surrounding space for a character feel or choose a freestanding burner in a bright colour to make a statement.

While wood burners are the cheapest to run, they can come with some tricky installation costs. New Zealand has tight emission restrictions these days so you need to do some research and find out if your home falls into a Clean Air Zone. You may also need to get a building consent if you decide to install a woodburner. Talk to your local council and a heating expert about what will work best in your home.

Tip: Remember, you’ll need space to store firewood and ashes if you decide on a wood burner.

Central heating

If you’re building new or renovating, central heating is a smart, long-term solution. Gas ducted central heating features ducts that run either underfoot or in the roof and circulate warm, healthy air. With a central thermostat and specific zones you can have total control over the temperature of your entire home. Systems like the Bonaire home system from PlaceMakers can heat your entire home in 10 mins! Many systems are now also able to modulate the amount of heating and air being circulated, which results in lower energy consumption – so your pocket will be happy. If you do decide to fit your home with central heating make sure that your insulation is up to standard. A draughty home with poor insulation won’t be able to retain the heat and will end up costing you more to stay warm.

Tip: Some systems even offer summer options for cool air.

Electric panel heater

Sleek, minimal and discreet, wall panel heaters are a chic answer to heating. Thanks to their low surface temperature, wall panel heaters are a good choice if you have kids or pets. They’re also really easy to install and because they’re wall mounted, these lightweight heaters are perfect for small spaces. They’re also completely silent, so if you’re a light sleeper they’re a great choice for your bedroom or hallway.

These heaters run on minimal electricity and they’re often touted as an efficient, eco-friendly option. However, if you’re considering heating for a larger space or your entire home it’s best to talk to an expert about what your best options are.

Tip: Some panels can even be matched to your wall colour so they can blend seamlessly into your interior.

Heating systems perform differently depending on the climate and size a space. So before you make a decision, talk to a heating specialist to find out more about what system is the most efficient and cost-effective option for your home.

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