4 best home design apps you need on your phone

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From colour schemes and pattern matching to 3D design and virtual toolboxes, these incredible home design apps make interior styling easy


4 best home design apps you need on your phone

Update your space, or at least imagine a new interior, with these high-tech home apps. These handy apps let you visualise your idea before committing to a makeover, as well as find the exact colourways and decor options for your home.


1. Patternsnap

You can now have 60,000 interior design samples in your back pocket, thanks to the New Zealand-developed Patternsnap app for smart devices.

Who has time to flick through so many samples, you ask? Luckily, this app has a secret weapon – recognition. Take or upload a photo of your favourite fabric and the app will find suggestions based on image-recognition technology.

It’s been dubbed the Shazam of home interiors for its ability to locate the right colour and pattern based off a simple image. You can also search via colour and other homeware categories.

A $29 per month subscription fee will give you access to the app’s full catalogue.


2. Easyhome Homestyler

Another, free, option for helping you visualise your interior design ideas with the help of modern technology is the Easyhome Homestyler app and website.

Dubbed a virtual fitting room, you can try out wall colours, decor items, and furniture products from the brands on the app after taking a photo of your room. You can even hang light fixtures and lay rugs on the floor.

You can also find ideas from stunning interior design projects as you swipe, as well as tips and trends that will help you take the guesswork out of home remodelling.

Get inspired by trending ideas in this Instagram-meets-Pinterest zone and ‘heart’ your dream interiors in the design gallery. 

3. Curate

Developed by two like-minded sisters, one a philanthropist the other an artist, Curate lets you virtually hang paintings on your wall so you can see what art works well, or not so well, before you commit to hammering in a nail.

Simply snap your own piece of art and start to play around, following prompts on the free app.

There is also an option to virtually shop art from galleries connected through the app. Although it focuses on American galleries, it’s a fun way to envision your space with different types of art in different tones.


4. iHandy Carpenter

This nimble app is perfect for when you want to hang a new painting or figure out some measurements in a hurry.

With five tools calibrated for your smartphone it includes a plumb bob, surface leveller, bubble level bar, protractor and steel ruler. And by swapping right and left the ruler can measure objects larger than your home.

If you often find yourself misplacing your tools, or you don’t own any yet, this app for US$2.99 is a smart investment.

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