4 wonderful ways to start your day with contentment

Looking for more contentment? Here are four simple and easy ways to start your day

best ways to start your day

Sometimes, I get stuck in old habits and forget that I can change things around if I want to. It’s a liberating feeling when you permit yourself to shift old ways that no longer serve you. You’re in charge of how you want to feel. The number one thing I hear from readers is that they want more time and simplicity in their lives. In my opinion, the best way to experience such a feeling is to welcome a series of new rituals to your day – particularly first thing in the morning.

I believe rituals elevate your everyday living by consciously choosing each moment to be joyful and worthy of our attention. When you prioritise the time to lean into a slower and more intuitive way of life, you can discover more curiosity and contentment in the simplest of things. Spring is a season for starting fresh, making this an excellent time to consider how you’d like to feel and what rituals you might want to invite into your day. Below are four ideas to get you inspired. Perhaps I can be that someone who’s nudging you to try something new?

1. Find a corner at home and make it your own

There’s a cosy occasional chair in my room with my name on it. It’s where I sit each morning and sip tea from my favourite ceramic mug, with fresh flowers sitting on the little table next to the chair, along with a candle that’s flickering in the early morning darkness. It’s not fancy, but it’s a space that’s just for me. If you don’t have a corner in your home that you can call your own, then create one.

2. Be grateful for the light

Perhaps you rise before the sun? In this instance, you might like to light a candle or enjoy the soft glow of a diffuser. The quiet gentleness of light can be strangely reassuring, a reminder that each day is a new beginning. And if you wake with the sun, take a moment to sit with its beauty. Give thanks for the beautiful things to come in your day ahead.

3. Make your bed with intention

Each morning, I find pleasure in making my bed with love and care. The white sheets are folded neatly over the edges of my soft linen duvet, and the pillows are arranged beautifully to create a loving display of comfort. This simple action sets me up for the day with a feeling of pride and excellence in everything I do. It’s as though making the bed is the foundation of every great achievement to come.

4. Diffuse essential oils

We enjoy essential oils in our home for a wide variety of uses, and a common thread I’ve noticed is that the oils I reach for tend to change seasonally. Diffusing is possibly one of the easiest rituals to weave into your morning as it only takes a moment to set up. It’s a sensory experience that helps you to connect with your feelings because it wakes up your olfactory system and, depending on what oils you choose, can have the ability to enhance or relax your mood. A few of my spring favourites include eucalyptus, orange, peppermint and lavender.

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