3 ways to keep your outdoor area warm this winter

Outdoor living shouldn’t just be for the summer! We round up some top tips for choosing the right heating for your outdoor area


3 ways to keep your outdoor area warm this winter

With so many modern homes incorporating outdoor living areas these days, it would be a shame to stop using our exterior spaces just because the temperature has dropped a few degrees. Grab the woolly blankets, a hot drink and consider these options:

1.  Fireplace or brazier

Looks great, adds a real sense of cosiness and atmosphere to your outdoor area and can double as a marshmallow roaster or even a full-blown oven.

2. Gas bottle heaters

Easy to run, very effective, cheap and can be stored during warmer months.

3. Electric radiant heaters 

The cheapest and easiest option to get up and running but only suitable for short-term blasts of heat as they can hit your power bill hard.


Fiammetta stainless steel outdoor patio heater, $269, from Bunnings. Menu fire pit, $425, from Tim Webber. Tekapo wood fire, $6499, from Kent. Jumbuck outdoor electric heater with carbon fibre element, $249, from Bunnings.

Home heating hacks

A lot of your home’s heat escapes through your windows, doors and water pipes. Here are some easy ways to prevent heat loss.

  • If you don’t have double-glazed windows you can use window film as a temporary alternative. It’s easy to install and remove and is available from hardware stores.
  • Gaps under exterior doors let draughts in and warm air out. You can easily block these up with a weather-stop door seal or weather strips.
  • Insulating water pipes and cylinders to prevent heat loss is also a good way to stay warm at home. Older hot water cylinders will especially benefit from being insulated. Ask your local hardware retailer for advice on materials.

Words by: Sally Conor. Photography by: Armelle Habib/

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