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3 simple ways to help you design the perfect kitchen layout

Article by Homes to Love

A kitchen should last at least 15 years, so it’s essential to make sure it’s planned correctly from the word go. Proper preparation will help you to make sensible decisions, from beautiful design to practical daily use. Here are some tips to ensure your kitchen will be right for you, now and in the future

A good workflow, a comfortable amount of storage space and a smooth flow of motion. This is how Blum creates a reliable kitchen layout to suit everyone’s individual needs. If you pay attention to all three key topics: workflow, space and motion – you will be able to consider practical decisions that suit you. Here are some key ideas to maintain when planning your kitchen:

1. Convenience and practicality – Workflow

 When planning your kitchen, it is critical to ensure the workflow supports you. Doing this during the planning stages can save you a lot of extra time and work down the line. Blum’s DYNAMIC SPACE zones helps with this. Separating each section of the kitchen into the 5 zones (Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation and Cooking) will help ensure everything you need when working in your kitchen is right at your fingertips: when and where you need it with an ergonomic workflow. Commonly used items should be stored at an easily reachable height and keep a minimum work surface of 900mm, ideally between the sink and the hob.

Tip: Did you know you can reverse the direction of the 5 kitchen zones to suit left-handed kitchen connoisseurs too?

2. Optimize your kitchen capacity – Space

Even if you don’t have much space, it’s still possible to create your dream kitchen. You can make optimal use of the area available, down to the centimetre. Here are some great examples of ways to gain back previously thought lost space.

Sink drawers – These are a great way to expand the space available to you around your sink. Using the U-shaped area around your sink makes use of space once thought to be obsolete.

SPACE CORNER drawers – Gain the use of the corners in your kitchen without having to bend down to search through low, dark, back aching cupboards.

Wide pulls-outs – Using one wide pull-out opposed to two smaller ones will increase your storage space by up to 15%.

Narrow cabinet solution – Even if you have only 200mm of space available to you, then you have enough space for an entire pull-out unit dedicated to oils, herbs, spices and chopping boards! An easy to use application that can handle up to 20kgs.

SPACE TOWER – The universal pantry unit is available in an extensive range of colours, sizes and designs which makes it coherent in every kitchen. Full extension drawers and pull-outs gives you easy access to all three sides and can be fitted with AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems to provide internal organization and avoid clutter.

Tip: The amount of storage space required varies between each individual depending on shopping, cooking and lifestyle habits! Make sure there is room for everything you need to store in your new kitchen.

3. Quality, comfort, quiet – Motion

Nobody wants to hear forks clanging as their drawer slams closed or china jingle when their door swings shut. Motion is a critical aspect of comfortability in every kitchen. Cabinetry that is easy to open as well as quiet to close even when it’s fully loaded, is the difference between a quick fix and a dream kitchen. Electrical or mechanical opening systems give you the option to go handle-less keeping design a key factor in your kitchen without missing out on the luxury of soft close. With SERVO-DRIVE just a light touch with your hip or knee will bring the drawer out to you making putting dishes or groceries away a breeze. Blum soft close or BLUMOTION will ensure your kitchen cabinets close softly and quietly, every time.

Tip: SERVO-DRIVE uno is the perfect solution for a single application waste pull-out. Hands full? Just a light touch will open the pull-out and keep dirty fingerprints off your handle.

Keep these three ideas (workflow, space and motion) in mind when planning your next kitchen and instead of a dreaded task, you’ll now have a fun and exciting project to work on! Once you’ve got your plans, book an appointment and bring your kitchen to life at the Blum Auckland Showroom with the 1:1 scale Kitchen Test Drive.

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