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3 satisfying ways to organise your kitchen

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Bring some calm to your kitchen chaos with the help of these simple (and satisfyingly stylish) tips

Kitchen drawers and countertops can be a recipe for cluttered chaos. But, it doesn’t matter if you have a tiny corner kitchen or a space fit for a chef, with the help of clever storage you can keep your kitchen tidy and organised. Here are three ideas that prove you can have a kitchen that is both beautiful and practical.

Drawer compartments: Blum’s AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system in orion grey matt. Lined in: 525359 from Resene Vanity Fair Wallpaper Collection.

1. Drawer dividers

Kitchen drawers are notorious for accumulating clutter, which is why drawer dividers are a must-have when creating a functional space. Organising your drawers will not only make it easier to find and use utensils but getting the configuration right can be pretty stylish and satisfying too. The first step is to define your zones to figure out what needs to live where. For maximum efficiency and practical workflow, you need to keep items like your knives, whisks, chopping boards and seasoning on hand near your prep zone for cooking.

Blum’s AMBIA-LINE inner divider system is the ultimate solution for organising your kitchen. The elegant cross dividers feature a slimline design and come in orion grey matt, terra black matt or silk white matt, making them a stylish choice. They are also easily adapted to suit the size of your storage items.

Drawer compartments: Blum’s AMBIA-LINE universal frames in silk white matt. Lined in: EAR604 fom Resene Earth Wallpaper Collection.

Drawer divider style tip

To add a pop of personality to your drawers try lining your dividers with beautiful wallpaper. This simple but effective styling trick transforms your drawers from purely functional into a creative space to show off your style. When choosing your wallpaper you can go three ways: match, contrast or get creative.

Drawer compartments: Blum’s AMBIA-LINE universal frames in silk white matt. Lined in: 219280 from Resene Small Talk Collection.

Resene’s charcoal and black geometric wallpaper from their Vanity Fair Collection will add instant glamour. While their grey wallpaper from its Earth Collection is a sophisticated yet subtle way to match your kitchen style. Or make a statement by adding a burst of colour like Resene’s bright, graphic patterned wallpaper from their Small Talk Collection.

2. Shelves

Overhead cupboards may be a good way to stow excess clutter out of the way but they work beautifully in conjunction with a stylish, well-organised feature shelf. These days open shelving is all the rage, from floating shelves to industrial pieces that take inspiration from commercial kitchens. Ideally, they’d sit above your bench with ergonomic drawers below, but the main thing is to find a balance between practical everyday items and beautiful pieces you want to display.

 Shelves style tip

Kitchens are no longer purely practical. Since becoming the central hub of our homes we’ve come to expect them to have a certain level of style and open shelves are a perfect way to inject some personality into your space. Try adding a couple of plants, displaying your favourite cookbooks, and placing special ceramics on each shelf. And, if you’ve got food items like pasta, cereal and sugar, place them in glass jars for a uniform look.

3. Pantry

The unsung hero of kitchen organisation, pantries, or rather butler’s pantries, are having a resurgence. There’s something incredibly satisfying about being able to close away the chaos, especially now that sculleries are being built with sinks, dishwashers and ample bench space.

While this option isn’t possible for everyone if you can have a pantry it’s a good idea to take the time to organize the layout and create efficient storage. Good storage will help you to optimize your kitchen capacity and will make daily living a whole lot easier. Preferably you’ll include both drawers and shelves and have zones for breakfast, treats and pantry staples.

Pantry style tip

There’s nothing more satisfying in a kitchen than seeing items organised in orderly rows. You can take your pantry to pro-organiser status by decanting items into a set of jars or canisters. Label your containers so everyone knows where items go, and so it’s easier to see what you’re low on come grocery time. You can also apply this idea to drawers, so you can enjoy organised layers no matter how small your kitchen cabinets are.

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Images Via: Blum and Bauer Media.

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