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These 2 pantry transformations will inspire you to go package-free

Want the perfect package-free pantry? Two professional organisers show us two of their real-life makeovers

package-free pantry organisation

Amanda Stickland and Hannah Sullivan are the founders of pantry organising service and online store, Simplify My Home. Here, they share two of their real-life pantry transformations:

Case study 01 – Sweet scullery 

Problem: As the scullery is a focal point of this new kitchen, it needs to look good while also remaining practical and functional.

Solution: We used our five-step process to group all products into separate categories. We then decanted and labelled each container to create a clean yet functional look.

Scullery before:

These clients are a busy family with one young daughter and a baby on the way. Their scullery is a feature of their new kitchen, so they want it to be aesthetically pleasing but also functional so can they easily access everything they need. One is also a keen cook, so part of the brief was to create a space that was easy for her to work in and would allow a stress-free experience while cooking and baking.

Scullery after:

package-free pantry organisation

Tip: To create a fresh, green accent in your pantry, add a pot of fresh herbs or a house plant that doesn’t mind low light. Pothos or devil’s ivy is a great choice as it has a lovely trailing habit and will cascade over your shelves.

Case study 02 – Fresh & clean 

Problem: This pantry was cluttered, meaning the busy clients couldn’t see what they had and were over-purchasing at the supermarket as a result.

Solution: By sorting and placing all food into clearly labelled containers, we made everything clearly visible so this family can more easily access and replenish their pantry supplies.

Pantry before:

These clients are busy parents of two children, and Mum travels a lot for work. They wanted functional kitchen storage that would be durable for young children and make it easier for Dad to find things, as he is home a lot with the kids.

Pantry after:

package-free pantry organisation

This family felt their space was too cluttered and as a result, they were over-purchasing at the supermarket because they couldn’t see what they had to hand. They wanted help to keep their pantry tidier and cleaner to ensure easy access and less clutter.

package-free pantry organisation

Words by: Sally Conor. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick, Bauer Syndication.

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