12 must-have tools every beginner gardener needs

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1. Gloves

The first thing every beginning gardener should have in his or her gardening belt is a sturdy pair of gardening gloves. Not just for keeping hands clean, but also to help protect from thorns, splinters and blisters.

Look for a water-resistant and breathable material, ideally with a longer cuff to also protect the wrists. Your gloves should be durable, well-fitted and not too bulky.

2. Hand trowel

An essential hand tool for every budding gardener, the hand trowel can be used for planting containers, taking out weeds and transplanting bedding plants.

Look for a hand trowel with a handle that fits comfortably in your hand.


3. Digging/weeding fork

Much like its name suggests, a weeding fork is used to take out weeds. It’s an essential tool to have in your belt, especially for beginning gardeners, you’re likely to have a few weeds to contend with in your untouched vegetable patch.

4. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow will take care of all your garden transport needs. Make sure you store it in a clean, dry place to prevent rust and keep the wheels inflated to ensure easy wheeling.

5. Garden fork

A garden fork is a useful tool for turning larger areas of soil and can sometimes dig into compacted soil more efficiently and easier than a spade.


6. Spade

The workhorse of the garden tool family, spades are an essential part of the beginner gardener toolkit. Spades with squared-off blades are perfect for slicing and edging.

7. Garden rake

Not just for raking up fallen leaves (although is this one of its major perks), a garden rake is also great for removing old plant material and other debris from garden beds.

Look for something that’s light to hold and make sure the rake fingers aren’t too far apart.

8. Loppers

If you have trees and shrubs in your garden, then you’re going to want to have a pair of garden loppers in your shed. Their long arms make trimming branches and pruning bushes easy.

9. Secateurs

These handy little shears make cleaning up bushes, plants and cutting flowers simple. They’re necessary for all jobs around the garden, look for a pair that can easily be taken apart for cleaning and sharpening, and ensure they feel comfortable in your hand.

10. Hedge shears

When a bush or tree needs more pruning than your secateurs and loppers can manage with their small blades, it’s helpful to have some hedge shears on hand to do the job quickly and efficiently.


11. Watering can

A great garden can’t thrive without water. A watering can is a great option for small gardens or balcony gardens that can’t access or allow for a hose.

12. Hose

If you have the capacity for it, a garden hose is the best option for keeping your plants thriving. To keep it safe and tidy when you’re not using it, invest in a wall hook for it. And, of course, it can’t hurt to have some adjustable nozzles so you can control water pressure and spray radius.

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