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The Block NZ: Inside all the week 2 kid’s bedroom reveals

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The Block NZ teams channelled their inner child this week. Take a look through all the kid’s bedrooms below and see how the teams scored

Week two of The Block NZ and the teams were given the challenge of creating a kid’s bedroom. Which was fitting, because there was a lot of childish behaviour going on this week.

“It’s not fair,” Lisa was heard whining when she discovered Sophia and Mikaere’s plans to expand their winning guest bedroom into a huge master suite. After a lot of tears, rolled eyes, finger pointing and heated discussion, it was decided that Sophia and Mikaere were allowed to demolish the walls of their guest bedroom and didn’t have to strip it back to the bare bones.

Other talking points of the week included Sophia and Mikaere continuing their winning streak by taking out three more challenges, which didn’t sit well with the other teams. And Lisa and Ribz revealing what was in their safe: $5,000 from TSB, an Undo card, a Citta styling consultation, a plus two points and the ability to take $5,000 from another team.

But the most exciting thing to happen on The Block NZ this week was the preview for next week, where it was revealed that there will be a fifth team joining the competition. How will Team Black be shaking things up? We can’t wait to see.

For now, though, let’s see how the teams did at their kid’s bedroom reveals:

Stacy and Adam:

Room score: 16/20 (Jason: 8, Lizzi:8)
Total spend: $12,351

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The Wellington millennials took out the win this week with their “whimsical but sophisticated” little girl’s room.

The Block NZ Stacy and Adam kids room

“They’ve styled and they’ve accessorised this room very, very well,” said judge Jason Bonham. “I love the fact that they’ve used the wallpaper and they’ve used a lot of it.”

The Block NZ Stacy and Adam kids room

Judge Lizzi Whaley agreed, she said the room showed a lot of promise and that their styling had really improved. She particularly liked the swan on the wall and their lego art.

“It’s quite a cute room, but it’s still a little safe,” said Jason. He challenged Stacy and Adam to push the boundaries next week.

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Sophia and Mikaere:

Room score: 13/20 (Jason: 6, Lizzi:7)
Total spend: $10,586

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Last week’s winning team looked set to take out another room reveal with their moody, sophisticated nursery. But the judges weren’t as enamoured with their work as last week.

“The room is beautifully accessorised but the colour choice is an absolute fail,” said Jason.

“They’re amazing at styling,” agreed Lizzi. “It just doesn’t have the soothing, calming feeling you’d want to have as a new parent.”

The judges thought it was a well-executed space that was both functional and practical. However, the choice of the colour made the room feel flat and they wanted the arch element to be played up a bit more.

Sophia and Mikaere have plans to transform this room into a guest bedroom at a later stage, so they were reluctant to put the nursery-themed wallpaper on the walls. Instead, they made it into cute building blocks, a choice that the judges said: “was a bit of a cop-out.”

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Lisa and Ribz:

Room score: 8/20 (Jason: 4, Lizzi:4)
Total spend: $12, 297

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It wasn’t last place for Lisa and Ribz this week, but it wasn’t good news either.

“They’ve gone from bubblegum pink to boring,” said Jason. A safe but uninspiring blue room was the general consensus.

“It’s not cohesive,” said Lizzi, who liked the exposed brick detail and the reclaimed timber shelves, but thought it didn’t reference anything else in the room. The judges said they wished Lisa and Ribz had used the colours in their pop art prints as inspiration for decorating the room.

And as for the wallpaper? Crunched up and thrown in the bin. It made the judges laugh, but ultimately they were unimpressed and thought it could have elevated the room and created some interest if it had been used properly.

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Ethan and Sam:

Room score: 4/20 (Jason: 1, Lizzi:2, plus an extra point for the winning bookends)
Total spend: $13,235

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It was hard to watch Sam and Ethan get delivered the judges’ feedback this week. There was little to love about their kid’s room and the judges’ didn’t hold back with their criticism.

“What a complete disaster slash hazard zone. The one thing missing from this room is safety cones. Poorly finished, poorly styled and everything needs to be ripped out and done again.”

Jason could barely stay in the room long enough to judge it, declaring by the end that he just had to “get out” and that it was the worst room he’d ever seen on The Block NZ.

The wallpaper was peeling and bubbling, the DIY bunks were chunky and ill-finished, it was cramped and nothing worked.

However, the judges did love their fire engine bookends and awarded them the extra point.

The one positive to come out of this week for the boys is that there’s only up to go from here.

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Words by: Bea Taylor

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