The Block NZ: Week 10 entrance way and powder room reveal

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It was a special mid-week room reveal on The Block NZ but not everyone was happy with the shake up. Take a tour through the teams final looks

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The Block NZ: Week 10 entrance way and powder room reveal

The room reveal schedule was shaken up this week following a shock decision by Host Mark Richardson to send Julia and Ali home for the weekend. The twins have received a barrage of abuse on social media over the season following a number of run-ins with other contestants and an incident where they broke Block protocol.

Mark told them, “I think emotionally you guys are struggling. You’ve been getting an absolute pounding social-media wise. I think if you continue in this state, you won’t get the house finished to the standard that I want, you want and I think the market will want.”

Despite their protests Team Blue were sent off site while the other teams raced to finish their entrance way, powder room and paint the exterior of their houses. With the finish line in sight and the room reveal prize bumped up to $7000, the pressure was on this week to deliver and the teams worked through the night to get their rooms ready.

Unfortunately their efforts didn’t pay off and frustration was felt through the teams when Mark announced that judging for the room reveal would be pushed out a couple of days to allow the twins to make up for lost time.

Did you think it was fair?

If you missed the room reveals don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the judges comments below. Watch to see how each team scored.

*Note: Balustrades are yet to be installed.


Andy and Nate’s room reveal

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Julia and Ali’s room reveal

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Ling and Zing’s room reveal

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Stace and Yanita’s room reveal

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Words by: Lakshmi Beresford

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