The Block NZ: See inside Stace and Yanita’s house

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The houses on The Block are starting to take shape. Tour through the rooms and get inspired in this complete guide to Stace and Yanita’s house


The Block NZ: See inside Stace and Yanita’s house

We’re half way into The Block NZ and there’s been a real mixed bag of results from the teams. With eight completed rooms, the houses are taking shape and some solid interior trends are starting to appear.

Palmerston North besties Stace and Yanita have been spending up large throughout the season but their room reveal results unfortunately haven’t paid off. Stace and Yanita had been cruising through the middle of the competition but after a disastrous attempt at their living room, and with 80% of their budget already blown, the Orange Team are sitting in a tricky position.

Their future may be uncertain but one thing that is clear is Stace and Yanita’s interior theme. The besties have threaded a feature blue colour through each of their rooms and have used timber accents, textured light fittings, a dash of golden yellow to warm up the palette.

Scroll down to take a tour through Stace and Yanita’s house and watch The Block Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson reveal interior tips and tricks you can use at home.

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Lessons from The Block with Shelley Ferguson

Week One: How to decorate like a global wanderer

The judges were slightly underwhelmed by Stace and Yanita’s attempt at a little boy’s room but their timber paneling and tree-print bed linen highlights an interior trend for that’s perfect for any style of home. Taking inspiration from nature and using ‘ earthy-organic materials’ such as wood, wool and woven baskets when you’re decorating is what this trend is all about. Shelley shows us some easy ways to bring this trend to life in your home:

  • Start with wooden floors and walls in a soft warm white.
  • Wood is central to this trend. Imperfect, rustic finishes achieve a handcrafted feel.
  • Texture is key. Use chunky throws, woven baskets, sheepskins and tactile fabrics.
  • Display artisan pieces like stone ornaments, beaded baskets and exotic prints and patterns.

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Lessons from The Block with Shelley Ferguson

Week Two: How to create an urban retreat style bathroom

Thanks to our busy lives and pressure on our time, bathrooms are increasingly becoming a living space for personal pampering. Stace and Yanita’s bathroom is the perfect example of the urban retreat style that we’re seeing a lot of in bathroom design. Whether your building new or looking to bring this restful vibe to your current bathroom Shelley rounds up ways you can create a place to enjoy some respite from the day-to-day grind.

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Lessons from The Block with Shelley Ferguson

Week Three: How work with a tiny hallway

Stace and Yanita’s hallway is tiny with a lot of doors leading off it. For a space like this, Shelley says a neutral wall colour is key. Using a floor runner and mirror is a great way to lead the eye away and make the space appear longer. If you’ve got stairs leading up to your hallway like Stace and Yanita you can always add impact to the steps. Watch to find out more of Shelley’s tiny hallway tips.

Watch the judges comments from Stace and Yanita’s kitchen and dining room reveal

Stace and Yanita used their signature palette of white, timber and pops of blue in their kitchen and dining. The judges thought the over look was nicely put together and they were especially impressed with the way the window had been reconfigured to make room for extra storage. But style aside, the appliance placement and lack of power sockets really let their score down.

Watch the judges comments from Stace and Yanita’s living room reveal

The stress of dinner wars, budgets and being away from loved ones led Stace and Yanita to feel a bit overwhelmed in week six. Sadly, things didn’t get much better come room reveal time. The awkward layout of the furniture and their “cheap and homemade looking” side table resulted in the besties receiving the lowest score and scathing comments from the judges.

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